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How to Animation Cancel Stardew Valley

Control the animations the way you want it!

Sumera Bakshi



Stardew Valley’s various tasks take a lot of time. Luckily, you can use animation canceling to stop some game animations.

This allows you to save a lot of time. In this guide, we’ll demonstrate how you can cancel an animation in Stardew Valley.

How to Cancel an Animation in Stardew Valley

Source: Game Taco

There are two simple methods to cancel an animation in the game. They’re as follows:

Method 1: Pushing a Combination of Keys

You only need to hit a few keys on the keyboard to use the first way. To stop an animation, simply press the following keys simultaneously:

Right-Shift + Delete + R

You can cancel any animation using this technique. It is a great approach to remove a lot of lengthy animations from the game.

Although this approach sounds simple, it is actually rather challenging.

To pull it off, you have to put your hand on the mouse, move the character on the screen, and then press this string of keys all at once.

Method 2: Rebinding Keys Using Third-Party Software

Source: eQuiinox_67

If you can’t physically hit the above keys while playing the game, you can quickly rebind them instead by using third-party software.

For example, you can rebind the X key to the Spacebar instead of using it for this action. With this, you can just press “X” while playing the game to cancel an animation.

The procedures for employing this technique are as follows:

Step 1: Install AutoHotKey

First off, you need to install AutoHotkey and run it after a successful installation.

Step 2: Use an AutoHotKey Script

Next, create a script that will allow you to cancel animations. Simply copy the script shown below:

#IfWinActive Stardew Valley


While GetKeyState(“x”,”P”)


 sendEvent {LButton Down}

 sleep 10

 sendEvent {LButton Up}

 sleep 125

 sendEvent {r Down}{Delete Down}{RShift Down}

 sleep 10

sendEvent {r Up}{Delete Up}{RShift Up}


sleep 30


Step 3: Run the Script

After that, save the script and then run it. You’ll notice a green H icon on your taskbar indicating it’s running.

Then, simply start the game and press the X key to cancel animations.

Do take note that the X key is typically used for Check/Do Actions. For that purpose, you can rebind it to the Spacebar instead.

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