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Stardew Valley Clothing Guide

Get the coolest clothes to wear for your character now!

Sumera Bakshi



As you start a new farm in Stardew Valley, you can select your outfit. This is a challenging decision since after wearing specific clothes for a while, you won’t be able to make and wear fresh ensembles.

Luckily, you may now make a vast range of clothing for every circumstance with the 1.5 edition. This means you can get cool clothes now! Let’s find out how to do so.

How to Make Clothes in Stardew Valley

Source: TechGameBox

There are two ways to create clothing in the game. Either use Emily’s sewing machine or complete the “Rock Rejuvenation” quest to get your own.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will need cloth to create the basic costume. There are numerous ways to obtain this material, including:

  • Recycling apparatus – This has a 10% chance of yielding cloth if you put a wet newspaper in the sewing machine.
  • Mummies – You have a 5 to 20% chance to get cloth when killing these creatures in the Skull Cavern.
  • Emily – If your friendship level with her is greater than zero, she might give you cloth at random.
  • The merchant from the desert of Calico – On Wednesdays, you can trade three pieces of aquamarine for a single fabric.

How to Create Cloth

Source: Sirious Kairus

To make your own cloth, you will need a loom and wool. You can obtain the Loom recipe if you have attained Farming Level 7.

You will also need 30x Fiber, 60x Wood, and 1x Pine Tar.

Meanwhile, you can shear the fur of sheep or rabbits in your barn to obtain wool. The best source of wool, the main component of textiles, is these farm animals.

This animal byproduct can be used to weave fabric on a loom. It takes about four in-game hours to complete.

Once you have cloth, wait until the next morning between six and eleven to depart your farm. If it’s not raining, Emily will come up to you and talk to you about her sewing machine. Following the cutscene, you can start using her sewing machine right away.

The sewing machine is in the smaller front room of Emily and Haley’s home. No one has to be home for you to use it anytime you want.

You may create as many garments as you desire so long as you come when the house is open between 9 AM and 8 PM.

Getting Your Own Sewing Machine

Source: Sirious Kairus

You can also get your very own sewing machine by placing a special order with Emily.

Once you complete the Rock Rejuvenation order, you will get a sewing machine from Emily. For this, you’ll need the following supplies which can be found in the mines to the north of Pelican Town:

  • Ruby
  • Topaz
  • Emerald
  • Jade
  • Amethyst

It’s a great addition to your farm if you love to sew clothes but don’t want to visit Emily and Haley’s home.

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