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Ravenlok: All Spirits Locations

Awaken all of the spirits in their respective locations.




One of the many side quests you’ll come across in your Ravenlok playthrough is the Awaken the Spirits quest. As the name suggests, this involves you having to awaken certain spirits.

There are a total of five spirits you need to awaken for this quest. These are the Spirit Brother, Spirit Sister, Spirit Child, Spirit Nephew, and Spirit Niece.

However, each of them is located in a separate location. We’ll show you where you can find each of the spirits.

All Spirits Locations in Ravenlok

Source: Shadiochao

To start the quest all locate all spirits, you first need to interact with the giant stone head that you can find near the witch’s house.

Source: Shadiochao

After speaking with the statue, you’ll then be given the task of waking up the five Forest Spirits in different locations.

You can find all of them nearby, and you can distinguish them by these small statues scattered throughout the area.

Source: Shadiochao

For the first one, simply go past the witch’s house and head to the right side as shown in the image above. Interact with the smallest statue and a prompt will then appear to ring your Tiny Bell.

Choose Yes to awaken the Spirit Child. This is the entire gist of the quest.

The second spirit is the Spirit Nephew, and you can find it by heading south of the witch’s house.

Once you’re done, keep moving forward and go up the slope to the left. Turn slightly to the left and you should be able to find the statue containing the Spirit Niece.

From the Spirit Niece statue, keep moving to the left until you reach another area. Just slightly up ahead will be another statue with the Spirit Sister.

Lastly, just keep moving to the left until you run across the final statue for the last spirit which is Spirit Brother.

Once you’re done, return to the giant stone head earlier to finish the quest. You’ll also unlock the Awakened Spirits achievement after turning in the quest.

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