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How to Set Up an Overpowered Race in Age of Wonders 4

Make a race that will be able to win with ease!




Besides the preset races, you can make your very own race in Age of Wonders 4. This of course means that you can make a ridiculous overpowered race that will make victory almost trivial for you!

In this guide, we’ll go over one of the strongest known race setups in the game.

How to Make an Overpowered Race in Age of Wonders 4

Source: FireSpark81

First of all, you will need to select your the Physical Form of your overpowered race. This is primarily cosmetic besides the traits. You will want to pick the following traits:

  • Body Trait – Quick Reflexes: makes your units 30% less likely to be hit by ranged enemies.
  • Mind Trait – Tenacious: halves the damage penalties from having low health.
Source: FireSpark81

As your Culture, pick Feudal. This will give you access to the powerful Feudal Lords, but it also has the magic affinities required for this setup.

Source: FireSpark81

Next up are Society Traits. You will want to pick the following traits here:

  • Mana Channelers: this will make units of magic origin have a higher starting rank, while also reducing the cost of Summoning Spells by half.
  • Adept Settlers: this will allow you to found more cities faster, which will be key for Mana and Research.

This custom race will primarily focus on summoning units, so you want to pick the best traits to go along with that. You won’t be making or training units as much as you will be summoning them!

Now, pick the Tome of the Horde as your first tome. This tome is all about summoning, so it’ll be absolutely vital to having a strong start.

You will get access to the “Summon Irregulars” Summon Spell as well as allow you to transform units into swarmers with “Spawnkin.” This goes well with the Tenacious trait we picked previously!

Lastly, set Champion as your Ruler’s Origin. This will give you more gold so that you can expand your empire faster.

Note that you can’t select an origin in the game’s story mode.

Tome Progression

The second tome you will pick up will be the Tome of Zeal at Tier I.

This will allow you to debuff enemy units by Condemning them, give you access to the Zealot units, and the powerful Fanatical Workforce spell. Condemn will make it more likely to inflict ailments!

Next, pick up the Tome of Fertility at Tier II.

This will give you access to another summon spell, allowing you to summon Nymphs. They have the Seduce skill that can mind-control enemies and goes extremely well with Condemn.

The other Tier II tome you want is Tome of Scrying.

This will give you the Mental Mark debuff spell, the ability to summon Watchers, and also make your ranged units extremely more accurate!

Moving up to Tier III, pick up the Tome of Vigor.

You’ll get the Summon Greater Animal spell to summon random Tier III animals, and also the Tower of the Wild which spawns a total of 5 Tier I units.

The other must-have in Tier III is the Tome of Summoning. A summoning tome for a summoning race, obvious pick!

This will get your Astral Affinity to 6, which is required for a Tier IV tome. You’ll also get the powerful Astral Serpent and Astral Keeper summons.

Tier IV and Tier V Tomes

In Tier IV, pick up the Tome of Nature’s Wrath first.

You’ll get the Awaken the Forest Summoning Spell, which can turn any forest into an army of animals and plants at your disposal! You also get Destructive Regrowth, which lets you turn provinces into forests.

Also, pick up the Tome of the Astral Mirror in Tier IV.

This tome has the powerful Summon Astral Reflections spell, which lets you make clones of any friendly unit that’s in combat.

Lastly, the Tier V tome is up to your personal preference. You can pick the Tome of the Arch Mage if you’re focusing on Astral, or the Tome of the Goddess of Nature if you’re focusing on Nature.

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