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How to Win in Age of Wonders 4

Winning is only half the battle; fulfilling win conditions is the other half.




Victory in Age of Wonders 4 isn’t as straightforward as you might think. You might be forgiven to think that you only need to conquer the map to win, but there are actually certain conditions you should meet.

Long story short, there are four victory conditions in Age of Wonders, and only by fulfilling any of those conditions will you truly be able to claim victory.

So, how do you win in Age of Wonders 4? Let’s find out!

Victory Conditions for Winning in Age of Wonders 4

Source: PartyElite

Age of Wonders 4 features three main victory conditions, namely Expansion, Magic, and Military. The other condition comes in the form of a tie-breaker called Score Victory.

It’s not really true victory per se, but it does exist and will still give you the victory message regardless.

To fully understand how you can win in Age of Wonders 4, let’s have a look at each of the victory conditions and how you can fulfill them.

Military Victory

Source: PartyElite

Quite possibly the most straightforward victory condition, military victory requires you to obliterate all enemy factions on the map.

You can achieve this by forcing the ruler of an enemy (or even a non-ally) faction to the Astral Void. It’s also important that you capture the throne city, otherwise, the ruler you overthrow will just respawn.

Obviously, you’ll need a strong and massive army to have a chance of defeating your enemies. But of all the other victory conditions, this one seems to be the typical approach in most RTS games.

Expansion Victory

Source: PartyElite

As the name implies, expansion victory is achieved once you manage to unlock the beacons of unity by annexing enough provinces to your empire.

What you have to do is build three beacons and install them in three different cities. Next, you have to light them up and defend them from enemy invasion for 15 turns.

Once you manage to successfully defend the beacons, you’ll then be able to win via expansion.

Magic Victory

If you’re leaning towards the arcane, you might want to aim for the magic victory condition. This one requires you to construct three Affinity Province Improvements in different cities. These are namely Heart, Root, and Seed.

However, you have to keep in mind that the improvements should be of the same affinity which is determined by the which tomes you select in Tiers III, IV, and V.

After this, channel the victory spell, and just like the expansion victory, you’ll have to defend against enemy attacks for 15 turns.

Score Victory

Lastly, we have scored victory which is somewhat vague. It does say in the description that you will be able to win once you reach the highest score after reaching the turn limit.

By default, the turn limit will be set to 150, though you can change it at the start of the game.

In any case, the score victory serves as a tie-breaker in the event that no empire has achieved any of the victory conditions once the turn limit is reached.

We recommend going for any of the three major victories as soon as you can.

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