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How to Make Vampires in Age of Wonders 4

Do you like Age of Wonders 4? Do you like vampires? Well, guess what…




Age of Wonders 4 is a game that lets you create basically whoever you want. And yes, that includes vampires. Here’s how to add this undead icon to your roster.

How to Make Vampires in Age of Wonders 4

First, go to the character creation page. Stay under the human section.

Source: ItalianSpartacus

For Body Trait, choose Quick Reflexes. This works best when using Dark Culture, and quick reflexes are a vampire trait just in general.

Source: ItalianSpartacus

If you wanted to go more magic themed with your vampire, you could go with Keen-sighted instead.

Strong is also a good option as well.

Source: ItalianSpartacus

For Mind Trait, choose Ferocious. Not just because there are fangs on the icon, but because you get +40% damage on Retaliation Attacks and Opportunity Attacks.

Alternatively, you can choose Fast Initiative so you can move more quickly, or go with Arcane Focus if you’re going with a magic style of vampire.

Source: ItalianSpartacus

Under Race: Culture, go with Dark. Mainly for the ability called Cull The Weak, a very vampire-like ability that deals 20% more damage to units with Weakened. Plus, this ability grants the user regeneration when attacking weak foes.

For Society Traits, go with Ritual Cannibals. Mainly for the trait called Corpse Eating. This is another trait that aids with regeneration.

Also, equip Scions of Evil so that shock units and shield units get +1 rank.

When it comes to tomes, there’s nothing more fitting than Tome of Souls. This tome gives you the ability to harvest souls. Harvesting souls allows you to summon additional skeletons, reapers, and additional demons.

This tome also gives you the ability to reanimate the dead, much like a vampire.

For your Ruler’s Origin, the best option is Wizard King. This gives you extra mana and the Overchannel ability.

From here, use your imagination to create the most vampire-looking character you can.

And that’s it. You now have your head vampire to lead your army of the dead.

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