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Age of Wonders 4: Units and Culture Guide

Create your army of powerful units by picking the right culture and affinity.




Your units play a crucial role in the expansion of your empire. Not only will you use them to defend your cities from invasions, but you also use them to conquer other cities and factions.

However, without proper planning, you’ll mostly find yourself rallying weak units that won’t be able to stand up against your enemies.

To prevent that from happening, you need to learn how to make powerful units from the get-go. This guide will teach you how to do that.

Units and Culture Guide in Age of Wonders 4

Units are classified into four different categories that will provide you with a lot of options during the faction creation process.

Source: Age of Wonders 4 Official

First is the cultural units which are the ones you train in your cities. The culture you picked during the creation process will determine the type of units you gain access to.

Needless to say, each culture will have its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and the culture you choose will also affect the appearance of your units.

For example, if you pick the Mystic culture, most of the units you gain access to are casting units with bonuses to arcane. Meanwhile, the Barbarian culture will mostly feature units that specialize in melee combat.

Source: Age of Wonders 4 Official

Next are the tome units which you can obtain from your tomes of magic. Most of these units are way more powerful than cultural units, though you’ll have to upgrade your tomes in order to access them.

Source: Age of Wonders 4 Official

The third category is the wildlife units, which are essentially creatures you come across on the world map.

You can recruit most of them to your army, but some require certain conditions before they do so.

Lastly, we have leaders which are powerful units that will lead your army. Unlike other units, leaders can be leveled up by gaining experience via combat or taking part in events.

They’ll then be able to earn Talent points which you can use to upgrade their abilities or learn new ones. Moreover, you can equip them with items that will make them even more powerful.

Luckily, you are not limited to a single leader. In fact, the total number of leaders you can have will depend on the total number of cities you control.

You can even recruit heroes from enemy factions by capturing them and absorbing them into your army.

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