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Ravenlok: Where to Find All Missing Mask Pieces

You will need this mask to disguise yourself if you wish to enter the Costume Workshop.




You will have to find four mask pieces as part of the “Liberation!” quest in Ravenlok.

Use these pieces to make the Masquerade Mask then use it as a disguise to sneak into the Costume Workshop!

Read on and we’ll tell you where to find all of the mask pieces for this quest.

Liberation! Quest Guide – All Missing Mask Pieces Locations

Source: Shadiochao

The four mask pieces are required for the “Liberation!” quest. You need the mask to work as a disguise to enter the Costume Workshop in the Mask Mansion.

This quest will start in the long hallway on the second floor of the Mask Mansion, where a panda will block you from passing. We’ll use this as our starting point, as well.

Source: Shadiochao

Head straight south of the panda, basically running into the camera, until you come to a crossroads. First, take the path to the right. You will find the first mask piece atop a box here.

Source: Shadiochao

Now, go back into the hallway and take the exit to the left. Head slightly toward the camera and you will spot the second piece sitting on a chair.

Head back into the hallway and run south toward the camera until you exit the hallway, you should end up in the Mask Mansion’s lobby.

Go to the right and then run all the way to the south. The camera will start moving automatically, keep heading right when it does. You will find the third piece under some paintings, close to the wall.

Lastly, go back toward the hallway and then take the lobby stairs down. Head to the left side of the lobby and you will find the final piece relaxing on a couch.

Now you just need to bring all of these pieces back to Oban the Leader and he will make a disguise for you! You can find his room by taking the rightmost exit on the bottom floor of the lobby.

With it equipped, head back to the panda who blocked your path and he’ll let you enter the costume workshop.

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