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How to Solve the Botanist Puzzle in Ravenlok

Put down the right settings into the incubator’s console to solve this puzzle.




The Botanist Puzzle is one of the many puzzles you will need to complete to finish Ravenlok.

This puzzle is done during the Greenhouse part of the game, and requires you to put the right settings into a console.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about solving this puzzle.

Botanist Puzzle Solution in Ravenlok

Source: Try Harder Gaming

You will need to use the console in the center of the room to free Flora Esmeralda. This angry man-eating flower is inside some sort of incubator, but Ernst the Botanist wishes to free her!

This is all part of the “Visiting the Botanist” quest in the Greenhouse area.

The hints to operate the machine and solve the Botanist Puzzle are spread in notes throughout the greenhouse room you’re in.

However, there are a few useless notes as well! Don’t let them confuse you. The only two things you need to know are the Voltage and the Temperature.

Source: Try Harder Gaming

You can find the note for the Temperature near the end of the rightmost walkway, below a display with some insects. It says that the required temperature is -18.

You can find the Voltage note a bit to the left of the previous one, stuck to a rumbling machine. It lets you know that the optimum voltage setting is 180 volts.

With this useful information, head back to the console in the center of the room.

First, change the voltage. This is the red number on the left side of the screen. As said on the note, set it to 180 volts.

Next, change the temperature, which is the green number on the right side of the screen. Set it to -18 and you’re all done!

Now just hold the confirm button and the puzzle will be completed, advancing the story. You’re all done with this puzzle.

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