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Planet Coaster: How to Make Stairs?

Stairs – the tried and true way to get people to a higher place. And few business need them more than the theme park industry.




Planet Coaster allows you to build some of the most imaginative attractions in the history of theme parks. But you’ll need to remember to build appropriate roads leading to them if you want customers to enjoy them. And some of those roads will require building stairs.

How to Make Stairs in Planet Coaster

How to Make Stairs in Planet Coaster

Stairs in Planet Coaster are basically paths that lead up or down. So, to place them you need to first choose a path you want to build from the “paths” tab.

Now, place the beginning of your path on the map. Then, you can either press the “U” key to elevate the next part of the road (pressing it twice will turn the road into stairs) or press the “J” key to lower it (again, pressing it twice will turn the road into stairs).

You can also hold the left mouse button to choose manually how sloped do you want your path to be.

Making the Stairs You Want

How to Make Stairs in Planet Coaster

Keep in mind that can be done with roads works the same way with stairs. You can change their length, width, and general appearance.

Thankfully, you won’t need to build every set of stairs needed in your theme park manually – if a shop or the attraction is close enough to the road, stairs to it appear automatically.

But you can also use the stairs to simply add some style and charm to the park – nothing says epic rollercoaster better than a wide, huge staircase leading up to it, right?

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