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Planet Coaster: How to Close and Open Parks?

Building your own perfect theme park can take a while and you might not want pesky visitors taking a peek of your magnum opus before it is finished. So, here’s how you can close your park and open it at a later date.




There are a lot of small mechanics in Planet Coaster that some players may not be fully aware of, even after hours spent in the game. And the option to close and open your park is particularly well hidden.

How to Close and Open Parks in Planet Coaster?

In the bottom left of your screen, you should see the Park Management option. On top of it should be a green stripe that says “Park Status: Open”. All you need to do is press the red dot to close the park and the green dot to open it.

However, remember that while your park is closed, you won’t be receiving any money from potential customers.

Opening and Closing Times

If you’d like to have some peace and quiet in your park but closing everything seems like too much stress for you, there is one more option to consider.

In the “Park Overview” menu you can set the opening and closing hours however you please. This option is tucked away in the “Ticket Prices” menu, which you can choose by clicking the icon on the left of the window, third from the top.

While this won’t give you that much time to experiment with different buildings, it should be enough for your mechanics and janitors to get the place all cleaned up.

Closing down the entire park will hurt your pocket, so if you’re playing the career mode, consider this option as a last resort.

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