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Path of Exile: How to Make Currency in Crucible

Become filthy rich this league with the right moneymaking tactics.




With the Crucible league in full swing for almost two weeks already, most players are likely running their fully juiced red maps in the hopes of getting amazing loot or currency.

Meanwhile, some are still trying to figure out which league mechanic they should engage with in order to make as many currencies as possible without putting in too much investment.

Regardless, there are plenty of ways that you can make money in Path of Exile regardless of which league it is. That said, there will always be some changes from one league to another.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the best moneymaking tactic you can use for the Crucible league. Let’s get started.

How to Make Tons of Currency in Crucible in Path of Exile

For this guide, we’ll actually be engaging with the mechanic for the Crucible league.

What you’ll need to do is craft a Crucible passive skill tree on a weapon and hope that one of the nodes will be a currency node.

This currency goes something like “Item sells for an additional” plus a random currency. Specifically, you’ll be trying your luck in the Crucible mechanic and hope that the currency node will be for a Divine Orb.

That said, a currency node will only have a chance of appearing in the third node of a Crucible passive skill tree. Besides, the chance of it appearing is quite low in the first place.

According to Grimro, the chances of a currency node appearing when crafting a weapon via the Crucible mechanic is at around 4.56%.

This means that you have a 1 out of 20 chance of getting a currency node from the third node. Meanwhile, you have a 2% chance of a currency node appearing on the fourth node.

So if you add these chances, you have roughly 6% which is equal to 1 out of 15 chances that you can get a currency node on any given weapon.

Source: Shacknews

Now this might sound a bit too low. However, if you run through maps, you’ll notice that you can actually go through the Crucible mechanic plenty of times.

Besides, you don’t even need a decent weapon for this one. You can simply use any white weapon and toss it into the Crucible in the hope that it will eventually have a currency node.

Alternate Method

Source: Worth Playing

However, if you don’t like to rely too much on RNG, you can use another method instead. This one still relies on RNG, as with any other content in Path of Exile, but you don’t have to hope for a currency node to appear.

Instead, you’ll be crafting a Crucible passive skill tree on a decent base and hope you’ll unlock some amazing passives.

For example, you can use a decent bow base with an item level of at least 80 and then toss it into the Crucible forge.

Then, you hope that it will unlock some powerful passives like +1 to Level of Socketed Bow Gems, critical strike chance, gain a Power Charge on kill, and so on.

Once you have unlocked some really nice passives on the weapon that you use, you then sell it to other players.

However, this one requires you to know the currency economy of the game and what people are looking for.

This would mean you have to use tools like, Awakened Poe Trade, as well as Path of Exile’s official trade website, among others.

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