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Onmyoji: How To Unbind Account

Take your Shikigami team anywhere, everywhere, on different devices!

Iris Ruiz



Most mobile games nowadays bind you to an account that you can use on multiple platforms.  While this applies to more modern games, some old games do not have this function and could mean that you can get stuck to one device for life.  Thankfully, Onmyoji does not follow this formula.

So how do you transfer your progress to another device?  Read on to find out!

How To Unbind Account – Onmyoji

Onmyoji, unlike it’s sister game Onmyoji Arena, does not allow you to unbind an account from a device, rather you can just use the switch account function to log in on a separate device. 

Note that iOS accounts could not be used for Android accounts but both accounts can be used on Steam.

Starting a new account on another device can be inconvenient, especially if you’ve already built up your team from a previous device.  To make sure you won’t lose any of your progress, we drafted a simple guide to switch your user accounts.

To switch accounts, follow the steps below:

  1. On the start screen, select User Center
  2. Tap on Switch Account
  3. Enter your Account information and continue

By this time, you should have all your Onmyojis, your current level and all the progress you made from your previous device.  Don’t forget to log in the correct account so you won’t have to start again when switching devices!

May the RNG gods bless you!

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