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King of Fighters XV: Searching For Opponents | Can’t Join Match

Having match finding problems in King of Fighters XV? Check this guide out to learn more!

Jed Gaspang



The newest installment of the classic fighting game, King of Fighters XV is taking the gaming world by storm this 2022. It features your favorite characters in the original KOF—only this time, it’s on 3D. The game’s story is on its climax and has 39 playable characters. On its online mode however, there are certain problems when it comes to match finding—stick around to know more about this problem.

Searching For Opponents | Can’t Join Match – King of Fighters XV

There are reported problems by users on match finding and connection issues in general. Some players  are even unable to log in to the game. Here are things that you should check to solve this issue:

Server Status

The game’s server status should be a factor to your match finding problems. Check if the servers are currently down in the game, or in your area. If the servers are back however, this should solve the problem.

Allow the game on Windows Defender

Permissions for the game, King of Fighters XV should be allowed in your Windows Defender to prevent any connection problems from the game. Also do the same for your Firewall settings.

Network Connection

Check if your network connection is on-point and would let you play the game without any issues. This should be the biggest problem of them all since match finding is all done online.

Those are all the factors you should look out for when playing the online mode of King of Fighters XV.

Remember that these are all developing issues in the game and the game developers are continuously looking into these problems.

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