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The King of Fighters XV: Is it Worth Buying?

The King of Fighters XV is the first major fighting game of 2022. But before you’ll jump into the newest KOF tournament, you should know that it’s not a game for everyone.




The King of Fighters series has been around for almost 28 years, creating a fanbase with its own specific expectations. So, it’s no wonder that the newest game in the series strives to improve the best aspects of the franchise at the expanse of things fans find less important.

But that also means that the final product might be a bit harder of a letdown if you don’t know what to expect.

Is The King of Fighters XV worth playing?

If you’re one of those players who expects a long mortal kombat-style campaign, a variety of single-player modes, and graphics that will push your hardware to its limits, you should probably skip the newest KOF installment.

But, if you’re one of those people who enjoys mastering complex combos and fighting other players online, there’s hardly a more satisfying fighting game on the market for you to pick up.

The Good

King of Fighters XV Review

The system in KOF XV is incredibly complex, and mastering it gives immense satisfaction. Each of the 39 characters offers a completely different playstyle, giving you plenty of room for experimentation.

Additionally, it has five unique online modes, you’ll have a chance to test your skills immediately. Few things feel as good as executing starting a deadly combo with a well-placed shutter strike. And being on the losing side doesn’t hurt all that much.

Each failure will teach you a new way to play, or give you more determination to learn an appropriate counterplay.

The Bad

King of Fighters XV is it worth buying

Unfortunately, KOF XV doesn’t offer much outside of online modes. The incredibly short story mode feels more like an arcade mode with a few additional cutscenes.

And speaking of an arcade mode, there is none.

You can play the Versus mode against the CPU and that’s about it. It doesn’t help that the AI seems very glitchy, seemingly changing its play level from button mashing to EVO champion in a span of a single match.

Although the game offers you a tutorial and an extensive training mode, KOF XV is not a good choice for your first fighting game. If you don’t know what you’re doing, your punches will feel weak and the fights unsatisfying.

The Ugly

For better or worse, KOF XV feels more like an improved version of KOF XIV. Depending on what you thought about that game, this might be a pro or a con.

The widely marketed 3 on 3 matches are also a bit different compared to what you might expect after playing “Blazblue Cross Tag Battle” or “Tekken Tag Tournament”.

There are no assists and you can’t switch your character mid-combo or even mid-match for that matter. This mechanic mainly exists to give the game a bit more tactical depth – you’re expected to take the strengths and weaknesses of your characters into consideration when choosing who will fight who.

You can use one character to fill the power gauge quickly and the next one to deal damage with it. But other than that, this mechanic does not come into play during actual fights.


In the end, whether the game will fit your taste depends on what you want out of it. If what the game does well is important to you in fighting games, you’ll find there are a few titles that do these things as well as KOF XV.

But if the depth of the system is less important to you than the amount of offered content, the game might turn out to be a massive disappointment for you.

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Game News

GTA VI Leaks – What We Know so Far?

Rockstar Games on high alert





Massive leaks have been spread throughout social media platforms about Grand Theft Auto 6. If you are a GTA V account owner, you may have an idea of what happened. On September 19, “teapotuberhacker,” a user from GTAForums, posted 90 videos of test builds for the upcoming game by Rockstar. The hacker revealed assets and source codes for GTA 6 on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms. Rockstar locks down its social media accounts, and the situation may lead to investigations with the FBI, although there is no official statement from Rockstar regarding this matter.

The leaks were illegally taken from the studio’s network, leading to the conclusion that the GTA 6 hacker is not a lot but a small group working together to post the leaked data. Rockstar confirms that these leaks are legitimate, and the GTA publisher Take-Two is working on taking down confidential information about the game by using copyright rules on mainstream platforms.

The game set’s location appears to be in Vice City; thanks to groups of dedicated fans, a map was made using various tools, which is not entirely new. When GTA 5 was still under development and trailers, screenshots, and teasers were being released; GTA had a fan base that could create a map for Grand Theft Auto 5 before the game was released; the map was an almost perfect match to the official map in GTA 5. Not to mention these players also became the people who made GTA 5 modded accounts.

Introducing New Characters

Based on leaked information, Grand Theft Auto 6 would be an open-world game with male and female protagonists, Jason and Lucia. One of the videos shows the two in what appears to be an instant character switching, similar to GTA 5. Where Michael, Franklin, and Trevor’s character switch; although this time, it looks like the loading time is faster in this test run. Several screenshots show Lucia having different make-up and hairstyles, similar to Grand Theft Auto 5: Online, although customization is available for the female protagonist this time.

Smartphone System

Grand Theft Auto 4 introduced the smartphone system as a tool to contact friends, dates, and a few mission events. At the same time, Grand Theft Auto 5 added new functionalities like emails and website functionality. A parody of Facebook exists in this game called Life Invader; there may be a GTA 6 parody of Mark Zuckerberg; who knows? Aside from that, there is no information if Rockstar has updated this system.

Travel System

There are a few notable things about how players would be able to move around the map. Footage shows Jason swimming more profoundly in the water; unlike in previous games, the deepness of how far a player can swim has always been limited. For vehicles, test footage of vehicle damage where Jason shoots the floor of the boat and a fan boat on land. The subway system returns since GTA 4; we see Jason going in and out of a train car.

GTA 5 Combat

A video of Lucia fighting with NPCs was also shown, a tweaked weapon wheel, and NPCs reloading in real-time. Clips of recoil tests make everything realistic, and the latest addition in combat is for players to go prone, which is perfect for stealth-based missions.

Shooting from vehicles has been limited to small weapons; we have seen drive-bys from the test footage, allowing players to use bigger weapons. This would be great since bigger weapons would deal more damage. Switching hands while shooting is another excellent addition to combat; there are plenty of scenarios to get the proper angle on an enemy by switching the hand you are shooting from.

Vice City

The Miami-inspired city has dramatically changed since Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. There are the usual elements to be found, like neon lights in nightclubs and beachfront, but Rockstar has made an effort to make the map modernized by ensuring the look and feel are authentic to the real-life locations of Florida. The level of detail from these tests is fantastic as it can be; driving real-life inspiration for locations provides an immersive experience for players.

Gas stations, bars, tennis courts, motels, the environment, and the subway system is diverse, possible even better than GTA 5s’ map. Lucia has been seen to use a gumball machine inside convenience stores, which could mean there would be more things to interact with in Vice City.

There may be more surprises in store from GTA 6, and these are just the little details that have been leaked. Grand Theft Auto VI is expected to be released by late 2024 or early 2025.

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