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KAKU Ancient Seal: How to Solve the Wheel of Gust Puzzle

Use the gusts to activate the wheels and solve this puzzle.




The Wheel of Gust is an Underground Ruin puzzle you can find in KAKU: Ancient Seal.

You will find this puzzle in the Howling Snowfield region, and it requires you to push some wheels in front of gusts of wind to activate them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete this ruin challenge and also how to get the secret chest inside.

How to Solve the Wheel of Gust Puzzle in KAKU: Ancient Seal

Source: Aberukun

The Wheel of Gust puzzle involves a set of fans blowing incredibly strong winds and some gust wheels you can push. You need to push the gust wheels so that they are in front of the fans, activating them.

As soon as you enter, you will find an introduction to the puzzle’s mechanics: one fan to your right and one gust wheel you need to push in front of you.

Source: Aberukun

Run behind the gust wheel and push it until it makes contact with the winds from the fan. It will start rotating and its color will change, solving this part of the puzzle.

Some stone platforms will appear, leading to the next part of the puzzle. Jump across them to continue.

Source: Aberukun

This second phase involves 5 wheels of gust and is a bit trickier since each fan can only activate one wheel at once!

Start by pushing the closest wheel in the center until it’s in front of a fan.

Now push the fan to your right until it’s in front of the second fan on its path. Leaving it on the first fan will block the wind that activates the previous wheel.

Next, go to the far side of the platform. You want to be directly opposite the entrance but turn around to face the entrance.

You want to push both wheels on this side to the very end of their tracks, basically putting them closer to the center of the platform.

At this point, you should only have one unactive wheel of gust! Go toward it and push it to the very end of its track and this part of the puzzle will complete.

Jump on the fans that appear and glide up to reach the next portion.

Getting the Extra Treasure

Don’t just run directly toward the goal treasure, though! There’s an extra chest you can collect before you leave. You need the Piggy Icebreath ability, though.

As soon as you ride the gust upwards, turn to your left to find a large fan and some platforms.

Approach the platforms and jump across until you’re standing on the leftmost platform, it’s the one with green lights.

Use the Piggy Icebreath ability on the fan to freeze it, stopping the powerful gusts! Now jump across the platforms to the lever and flip it.

The small fans below the huge one will rev up and create a gust of wind that you can ride up to a secret chest.

With that done, just jump back down onto the platforms and open the goal chest you left behind previously. This ruin puzzle is completed!

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