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How to Solve the Puzzle Moving in KAKU Ancient Seal

Move the boxes toward the right spots to solve this trial.




You might have come across the Puzzle Moving trial in the Underground Ruins somewhere in Howling Snowfield. However, you might find it confusing how to solve it.

As with most trials in the Underground Ruins area, the Puzzle Moving trial requires you to solve a puzzle in order to gain access to a treasure chest at the end.

Here’s how to solve it.

Puzzle Moving Solution in KAKU: Ancient Seal

Source: Aberukun

Start by heading to this location on the map in the Howling Snowfield area. You should be able to find a portal once you get there. Enter the portal to reach the Underground Ruins.

Source: Aberukun

As soon as you arrive inside, you should then be able to start the trial. Move forward and jump over to the next platform to start solving the puzzle.

You’ll notice that there are three boxes in the area: one large box and two smaller ones. However, you only need to move the two smaller boxes around.

Source: Aberukun

The goal is to move the two boxes toward the green tiles on the ground to cause the large one to disappear and the fan on the left to start spinning.

Once the fan starts spinning, it should then hit the device at the very end (shown on the upper side of the image). This will create an updraft that you can ride to get to the chest.

Start by pulling this box toward the green tile. After that, move over to the other box and push it forward so it will move to the nearby green tile.

Go back to the previous box and move it all the way forward until it reaches an obstacle that pops out of the ground.

Then, move the second box and place it all the way to the other green tile as shown in the image above.

Lastly, move the first box forward and place it on the green tile nearby.

Once you’re done, it should then remove the large box so that the air from the fan will cause the device up ahead to start spinning.

Simply jump over this huge propeller in the front. The updraft will take you all the way up to where the chest is located. Open it to obtain its loot.

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