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KAKU Ancient Seal: Light Cage Puzzle Solution

Struggling to get past the Light Cage puzzle? This guide should help you out!




You will come across the Light Cage puzzle during your adventure in the Howling Snowfield area. This puzzle requires you to go through a huge fan blade in order to get to the chest at the end.

If you’re struggling to figure out how to solve it, this guide is for you.

Light Cage Puzzle Solution in KAKU: Ancient Seal

Source: Aberukun

You can find this puzzle in the southern part of the Howling Snowfield area. Kindly refer to the image above for its exact location.

As with most puzzles in the area, go through the portal in order to enter the Underground Ruins. You’ll then arrive at the location of the puzzle as soon as the game loads.

Source: Aberukun

From there, you’ll notice a huge fan blade on the far right section. Your goal will be to get past that so you can open the chest behind and obtain its loot.

Source: Aberukun

To do so, you’ll want to keep moving forward until you come across a lift that you can ride over. Hop on the lift to take you upward, then immediately jump to the platform on the right.

Next, move toward the platform to the right that’s close to the huge fan blade. At this point, the game will basically tell you what you have to do.

For this one, you have to use your companion’s Piggy Icebreath and point it toward the rotating fan blade. This will be powerful enough to completely freeze the blade and stop it from turning.

As soon as the blade is completely frozen, you can then proceed to the area behind it and open the chest to obtain its loot.

Unlocking the Other Chest

Now, that’s not the only chest in the area. In fact, there’s still another puzzle that you need to solve. Return to the spot where there’s a glowing circle on the ground.

Step on it to turn it yellow then ride the lift on the left side and then jump over to the upper level as shown in the image above. This time, the puzzle involves lasers.

For the first part, you have to wait until there’s a gap between the lasers that you can squeeze through.

Once you get past it, keep moving forward until you find another glowing circle on the ground. Just up ahead is another laser puzzle. Make sure to step on the glowing circle before you proceed.

This time, you’ll notice that the lasers are moving sideways with a bit of open space between them. You’ll have to get to that empty space while making sure to move in the same direction that the lasers are moving.

You can tell which direction the lasers are moving by looking at the glowing panel up ahead.

Near the very end will be a jet of air (shown in the image above) which you can ride to propel yourself upward.

You can then find the chest waiting for you. Open it to pick up the loot which are some Essences as well as Ability Sacred Stones.

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