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KAKU Ancient Seal: Wind Rider Puzzle Guide

Harness the power of the wind and learn to ride it.




There are a bunch of puzzles in the Underground Ruins, and the Wind Rider puzzle might just be one of the longest and hardest of them all.

To solve it, you’ll have to go through a series of obstacles that involve lasers, spikes, and a handful of gauntlets. Let’s find out how you can get through this trial.

How to Solve the Wind Rider Puzzle in KAKU: Ancient Seal

Source: Aberukun

Head to this location in the Howling Snowfield area to get to the entrance to the Wind Rider puzzle. As usual, head inside the portal to enter the Underground Ruins.

Source: Aberukun

As soon as you get there, head straight to the updraft and go through your first gauntlet. This one is pretty simple – all you have to do is time your dash so you can go through the swinging blades safely.

Source: Aberukun

The next one is a bit tricky as it involves lasers. You’ll notice a bunch of lasers moving on the ground, and up ahead is a moving panel with a green glow on it.

Meanwhile, you’ll see an empty space on the ground directly in front of the panel. This is where you have to enter. You have to pay attention to which direction the panel moves.

For this one, you have to move in which direction the panel moves so you can avoid the lasers. Just keep doing this until you reach the end where an updraft is located.

Do take note that you also have to pay attention to the purple lasers that move up and down.

Once you make it through, step on the green circle on the ground to turn it yellow. This time, the next obstacle requires you to fly through the rotating lasers up ahead.

Ride the updraft and dash through the lasers. Make sure to time your dashes properly. Land on the next area and step on the green circle on the ground. To the right lies another gauntlet.

Completing the Final Gauntlets

This time, you have to get to the other side by crossing this obstacle.

The challenge here is that the pillar rotates in multiple directions, and each segment will have spikes on them.

Luckily, it’s not really that hard. All you have to do is to move to whichever direction a segment is moving and then transfer to the next while avoiding the spikes.

Once you get to the other side, interact with the green glowing device to turn it yellow. This will then turn off the massive fan at the front and create an updraft that you can ride to take you up.

After you reached the top, turn right and head to the final gauntlet. This one is a pretty straightforward obstacle that just requires proper timing to get to the end.

You’ll run into a huge bramble right in the middle that’s blocking the way. Position yourself in the green panels on the right, then use your companion’s fire breath ability to burn the bramble.

This should then allow you to move forward. Simply get to the end then turn right to find a treasure chest. Loot it for some Essences and Ability Sacred Stones.

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