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KAKU Ancient Seal: Storm Trial All Puzzle Solutions

Find your way through this challenging trial in the Underground Ruins.




Once you have made it past all of the puzzles in Underground Ruins, you’ll then arrive at the final trial which is the Storm Trial.

It basically consists of several puzzles that you have to solve in order to progress through the area and make your way to the large green door at the end.

The Storm trial is a bit lengthy, so make sure to follow the steps we outlined below. Let’s get started.

How to Solve All Storm Trial Puzzles in KAKU: Ancient Seal

Source: Aberukun

To get to the trial, you first have to solve a small puzzle that will unlock the portal to the area. Simply choose the correct patterns below in order to achieve a result same to the image above.

It will then open the door and unlock the portal that will take you to the Storm Trial.

Once inside, turn right and make your way to the area up ahead. Jump over the updraft then dash through the air to get there.

Up ahead, you’ll notice rotating platforms that you can use to get to the next area. Jump on one of these platforms and wait until you get closer to another one before you transfer.

Make your way to the other side and climb up the stairs. Step on the green circle on the ground, then continue forward and ride the updraft then onto the rotating lift until you reach the other side.

Keep moving forward, and up ahead, you should see a bunch of floating platforms that alternate moving upward and downward.

However, you’ll notice that some of them are already cracked. You want to avoid hopping onto them as they will break. Instead, use your air dash to jump onto the unbroken ones.

Do keep in mind that the one you’re standing on will break if you stay on it for too long. As such, make sure to jump onto another platform as soon as you can.

Rotating Devices Puzzle

Once you make it to the other side, you’ll then run across another type of puzzle. This time, this one involves rotating devices that you have to place in certain spots.

Start by pushing the rightmost device all the way forward. After that, move to the one right next to it, but this time, pull it all the way backward instead.

Proceed to the leftmost device and push it so that it faces the fan to the left. Then, push the adjacent device forward so that it faces the fan in the corner.

After that, go back to the very first device and pull it back so that it faces the fan to the right.

A brief cutscene will then play, showing the lift to the right has been activated. Wait for the lift to get close before jumping on it. This will then take you to the next area.

This one is straightforward. You just have to make your way to the lift on the left side. Just be mindful of the objects on each corner as they’ll shoot at you once you get close.

Once you get to the top, activate the green glowing device. This will play a cutscene showing the activation of a platform in the middle of the area.

After activating the device, head to the opposite side to find another similar device that you have to activate as well.

Make your way to the newly activated platforms in the middle and jump over them to ride the updraft that will take you all the way to the top.

Activate the totem at the top.

This will then play a cutscene showing you the activation of a device that will turn the lift right next to the huge green door. A portal will then appear in front of you.

Enter it to get to the next area.

Going through the Foggy Area

The next area is quite foggy, so you might end up getting lost if you don’t know where you’re going. As soon as you get there, make your way to the upper left corner to find the stairs.

Go down the stairs then jump down the area at the bottom.

Here, you will encounter several enemy golems. These are tough enemies, so it might take a while before you can take down all of them.

Once you managed to take down all of them, keep moving forward and jump down to the area below you.  

Make sure to face the part where the fan blade is facing you. The area below is impossible to see, so you might end up jumping to the abyss instead if you’re facing the wrong side.

You’ll then find another gauntlet right in front of you. Just move forward and make sure to step on the tiles that are not glowing. Keep going forward until you reach a flight of stairs.

Go all the way up and into the ledge. You’ll then notice some floating platforms with updrafts in them. Ride the updrafts to get to the area on the other side.

To the right is yet another pair of floating platforms. This time, they will move back and forward sideways, so make sure to time your jump to get to the other side.

You’ll then see a lever upon landing. Just in front of it is yet another puzzle. Pull the lever to activate the updrafts in some of the platforms.

For this one, you have to wait until some of the platforms turn green. This is the time that you should jump over them as they will create an updraft that will allow you to reach the other platforms.

If it starts to turn red, make sure to transfer to another one so you won’t fall off.

Final Obstacles

As soon as you get to the next area, you’ll then immediately face the final set of puzzles.

The first one involves rotating mechanisms with a huge fan that will keep on pushing you back. It’s not particularly hard, but it’s rather annoying since it will be hard to move forward.

To get through this, you have to keep moving forward and make sure you get through the gap when the lasers start moving.

This might take a while, and once you get to the last portion, the fan will stop moving, allowing you to get through.

The next puzzle requires you to activate the tiles in the exact order. Use the image above as a reference as to the exact order of how to activate them.

Simply step on the tiles one after another. This will then activate the lift to the right side of the area. Make sure not to step on the tiles in the center as they will fall off.

Prepare for a challenging fight at the top against a powerful golem. This will take a little while, but once you manage to take it down, burn the bramble to reveal a chest inside. Open it for the loot then go back to the previous area.

This time, you have to turn the tiles purple. Do this by activating them in the exact order shown in the image above. However, you have to do it twice.

After that, ride the lift on the other side and activate the totem at the top. This will then fix the lift that will take you to the huge green door.

Exit through the portal, then ride the lift on the left side. Get to the other side and then head through the door to exit the Storm trial.

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