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How to Solve the Rotary Ratchet – KAKU Ancient Seal

Get past these rotating blades to find your way to the treasure chest.




The Rotary Ratchet is one of the many trials you’ll encounter in the Underground Ruins in the Howling Snowfield area.

This one involves rotary ratchets, hence the name, that you have to get past in order to open the treasure at the end. It also involves several other obstacles as well.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can solve this puzzle.

Rotary Ratchet Solution in KAKU: Ancient Seal

Rotary Ratchet Solution in KAKU: Ancient Seal
Source: Aberukun

Make your way to this location in the Howling Snowfield to locate the portal that will take you inside the Underground Ruins.

Head inside the portal, and you should be immediately greeted by the message “Rotary Ratchet”.

Rotary Ratchet Solution in KAKU: Ancient Seal
Source: Aberukun

To start, you want to move forward a little bit then turn left and jump into the platform on the other side.

Rotary Ratchet Solution in KAKU: Ancient Seal
Source: Aberukun

Pull the lever in order to activate the pillar up ahead. Once activated, the pillar will then start moving back and forth. You have to jump on top of it in order to get to the next area up above.

To get there, you want to move to the platform with a green glow on it as shown in the image above.

Make sure to time your jump properly, as the platform right in front of you has spikes that will appear once it turns yellow.

Rotary Ratchet Solution in KAKU: Ancient Seal

Once you get to the green platform, use your Piggy Icebreath ability to freeze the moving pillar in place. Jump on it and use the updraft to take you upward with a chest waiting nearby.

Solving the Ratchet Obstacles

After looting the chest, get back to where you started. This time, instead of turning left, you’ll want to move forward toward the fan.

Step on the green circle on the ground then turn right. Simply cross the bridge, all while stepping on the tiles to cause them to turn yellow.

Turn right and you should now see your first rotary ratchet obstacle. This one is pretty simple. Just time your jump once the rotary ratchets are out of the way.

Turn left afterward to find the final obstacle. This one is a bit more complicated.

However, the same tactic applies to the first one. Simply move through the platforms once the rotary ratchets are out of the way.

Once you have a window of opportunity, move toward the room on the right where you’ll find a lever. Pull it to activate a set of steps that you can use to get to the treasure area.

After that, go to the opposite side where another lever is waiting for you. Pull it as well to activate the missing steps mentioned earlier.

At this point, you simply have to sprint through the rotary ratchets and make your way up the steps until you get to the treasure chest.

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