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Darkest Dungeon: How to Lock Quirks

Quirks are random traits that your heroes possess or acquire as they go through adventures. There are good ones you want locked onto one of your Heroes, as they provide some amazing bonuses.




As you send party of heroes throughout your adventures in the Darkest Dungeon, they will eventually get Quirks which are peculiar traits that can alter the way they behave in various ways. While that might sound like a positive thing, Quirks actually come in both positive and negative.

Typically, a hero can gain up to a maximum of 5 positive and 5 negative quirks each. Whenever he receives a new one on either side, an already existing quirk will be randomly replaced. This is why it’s important to lock a Quirk, mostly a positive one, if you want that trait to remain in your hero.

How to Lock Quirks in Darkest Dungeon

First off, you’ll want to visit the Sanitarium in the Hamlet. From there, you’ll have the option of either removing a positive or negative quirk, or permanently locking a positive quirk in place.

To lock a quirk, simply choose the hero of your choosing with the quirk you’ll want to lock, simply drag that hero to a vacant slot in the Treatment Ward. After that, on the Quirks window at the bottom, click on the quirk you want to lock, then you should be able to see the cost for that action.

You’ll also see that the quirk you choose will have a lock icon right next to it. All you need to do afterward is click on the checkmark to lock your quirk of choice. And that’s basically it. You can do the same for the rest of a hero’s quirks until you’ve managed to lock all positive quirks that you think will benefit that hero.

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