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Darkest Dungeon: How to Equip Trinkets

Equipping Trinkets that you acquire from dungeons can be quite tricky. But don’t worry, we got you!




Trinkets are items in Darkest Dungeon that players can equip. Depending on their attributes, they come with bonuses and stat boosts that will help you as you progress into the game. Find out how to equip them below.

How to Equip Trinkets in Darkest Dungeon

Trinkets are categorized depending on their rarity. These are indicated by color and description. They can either be Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Shrieker, Ancestral, and many more. Depending on the player, trinkets can be used to their full effect with their different stat bonuses. Each character can wear up to two Trinkets at once. You can obtain Trinkets while adventuring in Dungeons.

Trinket Inventory

You can access Trinkets on your Trinket Inventory but equipping them is another case. To equip a trinket, simply right-click on your character. There you will see two trinket slots under Equipment.

Then, you will have to open your Trinket Inventory by clicking on the chest icon on the lower right side of the screen. Drag your desired trinket into the available slot and you’re done. You can also sell your Trinket by holding the SHIFT button on your keyboard and clicking the trinket you want to trade.

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