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Darkest Dungeon: How to Get Blueprints

With the Crimson Court DLC, a rare heirloom piece is added called a Blueprint. Most District buildings now require one, but acquiring a blueprint can be difficult.




One of the most exciting features of the Crimson Court downloadable content is blueprints. Compared to a regular Hamlet building, Districts require a lot more resources to build. The Blueprint, in particular, is a rare item that is only dropped by specific bosses.

How to Get Blueprints in Darkest Dungeon

In Darkest Dungeon, buildings require resources to build. Resources can take a lot of effort and patience to farm. Instead of your regular heirlooms, The Crimson Court DLC buildings added a new rare heirloom piece called Blueprints. These are only dropped by Elite and Veteran bosses in the game. Learn how to acquire blueprints below.

Obtaining Blueprints

When you reach Week 10, you will be rewarded with your first Blueprint. Keep in mind that these are rare items and are quite difficult to get. So, make sure to plan which building you want first so you won’t waste your resources. The best way to get a blueprint is by defeating the Garden Guardian in the Courtyard which is guaranteed to drop a blueprint every time. Otherwise, you can defeat other Elite or Veteran bosses to acquire one.

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