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Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League: How to Read Riddler’s Questions

Come on, Riddler, repeat the riddle. Please?




The Riddler returns in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, presenting you with a variety of questions and riddles. For some reason, though, the riddle questions seem to only play once, making the riddles an absolute pain.

Thankfully, there’s a way to replay these recordings! This allows you to refresh your memory on whatever it is the Riddler said, making it easier to answer his questions. Which, you’ll want to do for the loot, of course!

In this short guide, we’ll tell you how to read the Riddler’s questions again anytime you want.

How to Read Riddler’s Questions

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League: How to Read Riddler's Questions - Map Screen

To replay the audio of any of the Riddler’s questions and riddles, you first have to open up your map.

In the map, locate the district you wish to hear the riddle for and then press the symbol shown next to the district’s tasks.

Example button prompt

For example, those who play with a controller will have to press the Left Thumbstick in. You can see it in the image above.

Press the button shown and you will replay the audio of one of the unsolved questions from the Riddler. If you have subtitles enabled, you can also read what he’s saying!

If you press the button again, you will repeat another of the Riddler’s questions for the area you have highlighted.

One of the riddle audios replaying

Exhaust the questions by pressing the button and the game will cycle through them from the beginning.

Now, solving the actual riddles is up to you, of course. Just remember that basically all of them just require you to find a certain spot described by the Riddler.

One of the riddle mark locations

Either way, at least now you can easily repeat the questions from the Riddler so that you don’t have to run around blindly trying to remember what he said.

So, now that you know how to use this feature, make sure to use it whenever you feel stuck solving one of his riddles. After all, sometimes a little refresher is all you really need when tackling a puzzle!

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