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Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League: Is the Battle Pass Worth It?

Should you kill your wallet for it?




As a live service game, it’s no surprise that the controversial Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is going to feature a Battle Pass! But, is it worth killing your wallet for it?

The answer might actually be a little bit more nuanced than a simple “yes” or “no”, as it turns out! Nonetheless, we’ll do our best to relay what we know about it so that you can make an informed decision.

In this article, we take a look at what benefits the Battle Pass provides in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and if it’s worth purchasing.

Is the Battle Pass for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Worth It?

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League promo screenshot

Well, before we unpack this question, we should first go over some of the basics of how the Battle Pass works in this game.

The first key point is that the Battle Pass is purely cosmetic. There are absolutely no gameplay benefits from the Battle Pass besides giving you some unique looks!

That already is something extremely important for most players to consider. If you don’t care about cosmetics, then the Battle Pass is likely not worth it for you, at all!

The other thing is that you can actually return to the Battle Pass from previous seasons whenever you want. There’s no fear of missing out here because you can always get those unlocks!

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League promo screenshot

Additionally, there are two tracks on the Battle Pass, as is standard these days. The paid Premium track requires you to purchase an upgrade for the Battle Pass.

On the other hand, there’s also a Free track that is available at no additional cost. You’ll be passively working towards the Free track by just playing, so it’s worth checking that one out, at least!

So, in short: older Battle Passes will always be available, there are Premium and Free tracks, and everything you get is cosmetic only.

Considering that it’s all cosmetic, whether or not the Battle Pass is worth it for you is going to depend entirely on whether you like the available cosmetics.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League promo screenshot

Personally, we would recommend that you see if you enjoy Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League itself before you pay extra for the Battle Pass.

Then, if you absolutely want the cosmetics available on the Premium track, consider if the Premium Battle Pass is worth the cost for you.

On the other hand, those wanting extra gameplay content would do well to avoid the Battle Pass entirely.

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