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Path of Exile: Blight Towers Guide

Master Path of Exile’s tower defense mechanic for some juicy loots at the end!




The Blight mechanic in Path of Exile can be really daunting and overwhelming for beginners and even experienced players. There are lots of factors you should consider, but mostly, you’ll be focusing on building Blight towers.

These towers will be the ones to deal with enemies in various areas of the Blight map. While you can also deal with the enemies yourself, you really can’t take all of them across various corners of your screen.

It’s for this reason that setting up the right Blight towers is essential. This quick guide will show you how to do it.

Blight Towers Guide in Path of Exile

Source: GameSpace

First off, you want to determine which type of enemies you’ll end up facing against. There are six different types of towers you can build, with each tower type denoting a specific type of enemy.

They’re as follows:

  • Fireball Tower
  • Chilling Tower
  • Shock Nova Tower
  • Empowering Tower
  • Minion Tower
  • Earthquake Tower

Moreover, each tower can be upgraded up to four tiers which further enhances their effectiveness and even change their effects.

Before the Blight spawns appear, you will be able to see which enemy types you’ll be facing. This indicates the resistances of those enemies.


Using the above example, we know that the enemy types have lightning and physical in their icons. This means that they will be immune to both your Shock Nova and Earthquake towers.

Which Towers to Focus on Building

Applying the same ideology, you want to avoid placing towers that have a similar type to the enemies you’re up against.

They won’t deal any damage and will only cause you to fail the Blight encounter.

Do take note that towers will only activate as long as you and Cassia are near them. As for which tower types you want to focus on, here are some suggestions:

  • Chilling Towers – These will massively reduce the action speed of enemies they hit, essentially halting their progress toward the pump.
  • Shock Nova Towers – They’re great for applying Shocked ground which increases the damage that Shocked enemies take.
  • Meteor Towers – These are an upgrade of the FireBall tower, and they’re generally the strongest tower in terms of DPS.
  • Scout Tower – An upgrade of the Minion Tower, the Scout Tower is an excellent choice if you’re running a minion build as it also grants bonuses to your minions.
  • Empowering Towers – Basically acting as support, Empowering Towers don’t deal any damage but will boost the effectiveness of other nearby towers instead.

Keep in mind that which towers you want to build depends on which enemies the Blight spawns. If you’re running a Blighted map, things can get overwhelming quickly.

However, as long as you know the basics of the Blight towers and where they’re best at, you should be able to clear the map and receive tons of loots upon completion.

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