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Best League Starter Builds for Path of Exile Crucible 3.21

Get a head-start in the league with the help of a viable league starter build.




It’s a new league all over again, and that means it’s time to start deciding which league starter build you should use for the Crucible 3.21 update.

As the name suggests, these league starter builds help you get through the first few days of the league so you can amass enough currency to eventually create your own endgame build.

That said, while there are lots of viable builds out there, we’ll only be focusing on some of the best in terms of progression, clearing, budget, damage, and survivability.

Without further ado, here are the best league starter builds for Crucible.

5 Amazing League Starter Builds for the 3.21 Crucible League

As mentioned, these builds are the best in terms of several different factors. We’ll also include their overall difficulty. Suffice it to say, these builds are easy to play and are very beginner-friendly.

Let’s get started!

Cold DoT Elementalist

Source: Zizaran

A proven and tested league starter, the Cold DoT Elementalist specializes in dealing cold damage over time to slowly but efficiently kill her enemies.

It’s a solid all-rounder that you can start even on a budget but will take you all the way to the endgame.

The core mechanic of the build relies on the Creeping Frost and Vortex skills to clear packs of enemies and even deal with bosses.

As for the ascendancy, we’re going Elementalist for extra resistance reduction on your enemies, massive damage and AOE boosts, as well as some extra layer of survivability.

Righteous Fire Juggernaut

Source: Zizaran

The RF Juggernaut has been a mainstay in most league starter build discussions for years. The idea behind this build is pretty simple: you walk around the map as you burn enemies to death!

As the name implies, this build relies on the Righteous Fire skill to clear packs of enemies and take down bosses. However, since it also has a massive degen, you need a way to mitigate it and sustain yourself.

It’s for this reason that we’re going for the Juggernaut ascendancy due to its many layers of survivability, damage mitigation, and life regen.

Impending Doom

Source: Path of Exile

Next is the Impending Doom build which uses the Impending Doom support for dealing with enemies. This build relies on casting curses on enemies which will then trigger the Doom Blast spell via Impending Doom once the curse expires.

For the ascendancy, we’re going for Occultist simply because it’s the best choice if you’re going to play a curse build.

Overall, this is a really solid build that can be min-maxed as much as possible. In a way, it’s a league starter build that you can also use as an endgame build.

Toxic Rain

Fourth on the list is Toxic Rain which is capable of dealing massive amounts of Chaos damage over time to enemies in a wide area. It’s yet another solid all-rounder that can take on almost all content that the game has to offer.

When it comes to ascendancy, we’re going for Pathfinder and take advantage of the massive life regen given by your flasks.

Boneshatter Slayer

Last but not the least, we have the Boneshatter Slayer build which is the only non-DoT build on this list.

However, do keep in mind that it’s a melee build, so if you’re not into melee builds, you might want to skip this one.

This build relies on the Boneshatter skill to deal massive amounts of damage. The downside is that you also end up taking damage at the same time.

To mitigate this, you want to invest in physical damage reduction from armor and. life recovery. You should also pick the Slayer ascendancy for its overleech mechanic to further extend your survivability.

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