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Path of Exile: Best Early Atlas Tree Progression in Crucible

Go through the white tier to red tier maps as quickly as possible.




As soon as you finished the game’s main campaign, the next activity you obviously want to do is mapping.

However, since the massive rework on the Atlas got introduced, there have been tons of changes to the way mapping works. Specifically, you will now need to allocate passives to your Atlas tree as well.

Doing so will grant you a bunch of effects and bonuses each time you enter a map, regardless of its tier.

That said, how exactly can you progress the Atlas tree quickly in the early stages of the game in the current Crucible league?

Best Early Atlas Tree Progression in Crucible in Path of Exile

First off, you want to obtain passive skill points which you can then allocate to the passives in your Atlas skill tree.

You can obtain a total of 132 points, and there are three methods to do so which are as follows:

  • Completing a white map with magic rarity
  • Completing a yellow map with rare rarity
  • Completing a red map with rare rarity and has a corrupted modifier

Once you have obtained skill points, you can then use them to unlock passives in your Atlas skill tree. But in order to progress quickly, you’ll want to focus on certain passives.


To start, allocate points to the right section of the skill tree as shown in the image above. You want to spend your first 11 points on these passives for the following reasons:

  • These nodes increase the chance for monsters in your maps to drop an additional connected map when slain
  • You’ll gain a higher chance of obtaining maps that are 1 tier higher
  • They also ensure that your maps will have a higher chance of spawning an Expedition encounter

Once you have completed more maps and obtained more skill points, you then want to allocate them to the following passives:


At this point, you should already have at least 22 skill points. Most of these passives increase the chance of maps that drop in your maps to be duplicated.

Meanwhile, the notable passive at the end will increase the effects of all allocated passive skills in the tree by 100%, basically doubling their effects.

When you obtained around 37 points, you then want to focus on these passives:


Similar to the previously allocated passives, these ones also improve the chances of maps that drop to be duplicated. They also increase the chance of monsters slain to drop connected maps.

All of these allocated passives should increase the chances of maps dropping when you’re running your maps. This way, you can complete maps you haven’t completed before and earn skill points in the process.

You can then use the skill points to further expand your skill tree. You can then decide which mechanic you want to unlock at this point.

Personally, I would go for Expedition encounters as they always remain profitable regardless of the league.

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