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Last Epoch 1.0: Falconer Leveling Guide

Your foes won’t know what happened once a horde of falcons destroys them.




The Falconer finally gets to spread her wings thanks to the Last Epoch 1.0 launch, but you’ll have to start leveling her up to really use her.

Falconer is a brand-new Mastery for the Rogue class. As its name heavily implies, you’ll get to use falcons as minions, allowing you to delegate fighting to these powerful winged beasts.

In this guide, we’ll give you pointers on what skills and gear to pick up as you level up this fun new class!

Falconer Leveling Guide – Playstyle Basics and Best Skills

Last Epoch 1.0: Falconer Leveling Guide - Skills

The Falconer’s goal when leveling is to work towards blasting her foes away with falcons, mostly thanks to the Dive Bomb skill.

Overall, you’ll stay out of the thick of combat most of the time, letting your falcons do the work for you!

As a fledgling Falconer, you will want to focus on the Rogue’s Puncture skill for offense and Shift for defense. Pair them with the Falconer’s Falconry skill to start getting a taste of the falcons’ power!

Falconry will allow you to start summoning falcons as minions, which will become your bread-and-butter as far as your playstyle is concerned.

As you level up, your goal is to aim to get the Explosive Trap and Dive Bomb skills, which will be your main attacks.

Rogue Falconer Gameplay

Explosive Trap will effectively replace Puncture, so you will need to respec!

Make sure to pick up the United Assault upgrade for Dive Bomb, as it has great synergy with Explosive Trap.

Thanks to that upgrade, using Explosive Trap and basic bow attacks will reduce the cooldown of Dive Bomb.

Also, pick up the Draining Arrows passive skill for recovery when using bows!

Rogue Falconer Gameplay

You should also pick up Smoke Bomb once it becomes available, which you will primarily use to aid you in killing bosses.

Smoke Bomb will grant you haste while you remain inside the smoke, and it will apply Frailty to enemies if you pick up the Enfeeblement upgrade.

It’s also a good idea to get the Smoke Blades upgrade for the Smoke Bomb, as it will further boost your damage while you’re inside the smoke.

Ultimately, your skill set will be as follows:

  • Falconry to summon falcons as minions.
  • Explosive Trap and Dive Bomb as your main damage sources.
  • Smoke Bomb for utility, thanks to buffs and debuffs.
  • Shift for defense via evasion

Good Equipment For a Falconer – Best Unique Items and Affixes

Rogue Falconer Gameplay

Whether you’re farming for Uniques or not, it’s important to know what Unique items are important to get.

After all, you might just randomly get them as you play the game and not realize how good they are!

So, these are the Unique items you should keep an eye out for as a Falconer:

  • Eterra’s Path – These boots will greatly buff your movement speed, while also making your falcons even stronger.
  • Lessons of the Metropolis – Not quite as strong as Eterra’s Path overall, but these boots can be extremely helpful for survivability as they increase your Dodge Rating after being hit.
  • Bleeding Heart – Gives you a percentage of the damage you deal back as Health. The Falconer Mastery lacks solid recovery on its own, so this amulet can be a game changer.
  • Arboreal Circuit – Always a must-have ring for minion-focused builds. Makes your falcons faster and more resilient.
  • Drelkor’s Compass – One of the best bows you can get thanks to its Mana usage reduction and increased Stun Chance.
Rogue Falconer Gameplay

With the Unique items out of the way, though, here are some key Affix effects that you should look out for, in order of importance:

  1. Skill Level effects for your focused skills, such as Level of Explosive Trap.
  2. Minion Melee and Bow Damage.
  3. Physical Penetration and Minion Physical Penetration.
  4. Anything pertaining to Critical Strikes. For example: Critical Strike Chance, Shared Critical Strike Multiplier, and Critical Strike Multiplier.
  5. Health.
  6. Dodge Rating if Hit Recently.
  7. Increased Cooldown Recovery Speed.
  8. Chances to apply status effects on hit, such as Chance to Bleed on Hit.
  9. Bow Damage.

Make sure to set up your loot filters based on these Affixes and your Falconer will take to the skies with her incredible power!

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