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Forts: How to Group Weapons

Grouping is an essential mechanic in Forts, allowing you to use your weapons in unison.




Grouping is one of the main mechanics you should get comfortable with in the game Forts. It allows you to have multiple units in a single group. What this means is that they will all act in unison, providing combined firepower. Here’s how to use the grouping mechanic.

How to Group Weapons in Forts

Grouping weapons is fairly simple to do. The in-game tutorial should have also told you how to do so, though if you forgot or accidentally skipped the tutorial, we’ll remind you exactly how to use the grouping feature.

First off, you can only have 7 groups, each one consisting of 3 weapons of the same type. For example, 3 machine guns. You can’t have more than 7 and you can’t mix-and-match weapon types within a group. Keep this in mind.

As for how to actually group weapons, you can do it in two ways. One way is to double click on a gun and hold the left click on your mouse. Now drag your mouse to the next gun to group them. Now press Ctrl and any number between 1 to 7 to group them. For example, press Ctrl+1 to bind the group to 1. Now when you press 1, you automatically select the group you made.

The other way is to hold Shift or Ctrl and then click on the guns you wish to group together. Remember, though, only the same type of weapons can be grouped. Then press Ctrl and a number between 1 and 7 to save them as a group, much like the previous method. Remember the limitation of only having 7 groups and that only 3 guns of the same type can be grouped.

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