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Enshrouded: How to Get a Lump of Clay

Find and use clay to build cool new structures




Clay is a very useful resource to have in Enshrouded as it is very important in building certain types of structures.

Finding Clay in the game though can be a bit tricky. The resource isn’t available everywhere and you will have to go to specific locations to get it.

Our guide will be looking at the best way for you to find and get Clay in Enshrouded. Knowing the exact location will save you from the hassle of roaming a huge map looking for 1 resource.

How to Get a Lump of Clay

To get a lump of Clay, you will first need to know where to look.

Best location for farming clay indicated on the map

To find clay you will have to up north from your starting location, indicated on the map by the blue box. This is a bit far, but finding clay close to where you spawned is not possible. You can travel to this location by utilizing the Glider in the game.

Image of clay when found in the wild.

Once you get to the location, identifying Clay is very easy. Similar to real life, Clay in Enshrouded has a distinct reddish color and look. Its look makes it very easy to spot and find when searching for it.

Clay is harvested the same way any rock or ore would in Enshrouded. You have to use your Pickaxe and hit the Clay to mine it. The rock breaks pretty quickly and you can get a lot of clay in no time at all.

Using the Clay

Lump of Clay item description

Clay in Enshrouded is mined as a “Lump of Clay”. this lump can be used to create some very useful structures and items in the game.

Among the structures you can craft using clay are the Clay Fireplace and Kiln. Both of these are very important structures in the game and help you out a lot.

Other than that, Clay can also be used to craft building blocks and other items like a Clay Mug.

Overall, clay has too many uses to not have in your inventory. By knowing the location of clay in Enshrouded, you can go there any time and collect all the clay you want.

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