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Enshrouded: How to Defeat Wispwyvern SOLO

Own the Wispwyvern without dying!




Enshrouded defeat the Wispwyvern solo

In Enshrouded, you need to farm a lot of special items, and you can do it faster if you know how to defeat the Wispwyvern solo. Beating this boss, or any boss, isn’t easy, and you will need a guide for a few. In this case, you need to, at least, be prepared for what you will face.

The Wispwyvern is a hard boss, and soloing him isn’t easy. Before you face him, you need to have some booster items and potions at hand, as well as a few pieces of equipment.

Everything we will mention here will make the fight easier, however, you might do it without some of the items or objects listed below.

How to Defeat the Wispwyvern Solo in Enshrouded

For most of the fight, you will depend on your own ability to dodge damage and avoid being hit. It doesn’t matter if you have a specific strategy in Enshrouded on how to defeat the Wispwyvern solo; you need to at least be capable of dodging.

On the other hand, we suggest that you reach at least level 20 before facing this boss on your own.

You can find the Wispwyvern in the Imperial Gardens, inside the Pike. Try to have a repair bench close to the Altar Flame near the location, to get yourself ready before the battle.

Before you go to this place, have your glider in hand and try to get there well-rested. You can reach the Wispwyvern by jumping into the courtyard, but gliding will be safer.

Enshrouded defeat the Wispwyvern solo location

Essentials before the battle

If you are a tank, you have an advantage over average players due to your higher constitution and strength. If this isn’t your case, you need to eat foods such as Boiled Eggs, Grilled Meat or Chamomile Tea.

Combining foods like the ones we mentioned will enhance your base skills, making it easier to face the beast.

Items to eat to beat Wispwyvern

If you are already a tank, you need stamina and health enhancers. Foods like Honey, Strawberries, Grilled Bird Meat, and some potions will boost your capacity.

This allows you to move more easily and to dodge everything. If you can use potions or items to enhance your health regeneration too, the better.

Items to eat to beat Wispwyvern

Now, armors. We suggest you at least have an armor with 149 protection or more. You don’t need a special set or a legendary set, and you can reach a number with several other pieces. If you can get legendary items, look for the Pikemead’s Bulwark and the Wolf’s Snarl Longbow.

To really do some damage to the Wispwyvern, you need a really good bow, or staff, and if you can have the legendary option, try to get the best one possible.

Enshrouded defeat the Wispwyvern solo armor

Finally, you need to buy or craft some potions. Flasks of the Fell are the best ones to buff yourself, alongside the food. Also, try to bring plenty of Greater Health Potions with you or basic Health Potions, just in case.

Items to eat to beat Wispwyvern potions
Items to eat to beat Wispwyvern potions

Fight strategy and suggested skills

Now, you don’t need any special skills to beat the Wispwyvern, but Double Jump and most of the strength- and constitution-related skills are very useful. Other alternatives you should consider are skills that enhance your stamina or dodging abilities.

During the fight, you want to move around the boss until he summons his minions. Try to run around avoiding his attacks, and when the Wispwyvern stops, hit his mouth with your bow or staff.

The impact will stun the beats, and you can hit him without worrying about receiving damage. Whenever the boss stops, try to attack its mouth with a long-range weapon.

Wispwyvern stun after attack solo

You can also try to stay facing the Wispwyvern back, and keep attacking it non-stop. This might be easier for some, but this boss moves a lot and has plenty of AOE attacks that will force you to move around.

Wispwyvern attacks

The Wispwyvern has a set of attacks that they will use constantly during the fight. The Ice Storm is one of the most dangerous; it is an AOE attack and might be hard to dodge.

On the other hand, the Ice Blast, Pounce, and Tail Spin are melee attacks that will focus on you.

Those hit hard and do a lot of damage. The last attack is the Icy Roar. When the Wispwyvern does this, you need to attack its mouth. Icy Roar also summons Ice Beetles from the ground, which makes the beast very vulnerable.

Wispwyvern special attack to stun

Their attacks usually start with the ice storm, then the Pounce and uses the Ice Blast, the Tail Spins, and finally, the Icy Roar. If you learn the order, you can get the bow or staff ready.

Beating the Wispwyvern is a challenge, and everything we said here about how to defeat this boss solo in Enshrouded, will help you. You can use all of our suggestions and adapt them to your personal strategy too.

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