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Enshrouded: Ultimate Solo Boss Guide

Defeat any boss on your own with the right gear and items




Enshrouded allows and also encourages players to take on the game’s difficult bosses and enemies alongside their friends and other players online. Despite the co-op aspect, the game is a lot of fun even when playing solo.

When playing Enshrouded solo, the game will seem much harder to some players, especially the bosses.

Our Ultimate guide will help you take on any boss solo, which will help you beat the game on your own.

Ultimate Solo Boss Guide

When taking on bosses solo in Enshrouded, it is even more important to have the right gear and weapons. Co-op play allows you to beat bosses even when you are a bit under level or don’t have the best gear.

To take on any boss in Enshrouded, you need to have appropriate armor and weapons that boost your defense and attack.

Other than that you also need to properly utilize the consumables the game has to offer. You gain the ability to craft valuable consumables in Enshrouded after unlocking the Alchemist.

We have compiled some very strong early-game items you need to have to take on bosses solo in Enshrouded. As you make your way later into the game, make sure to look for stronger gear.


Enemies in Enshrouded can deal a ton of damage to you in a matter of seconds. For bosses, this is even higher, as improper armor vs them will make you feel very weak.

Item description for the Forge and resources needed to craft the Forge

To craft early game armor in Enshrouded, having the Forge at your base is absolutely essential. Unlocking the forge allows you to craft metal sheets, and this will allow the blacksmith to craft very strong armor for you.

The Rising Fighter Set item description and resources needed to craft item

The Rising Fighter Set is an extremely strong early-game armor that can be used to carry you in the early game. The Rising Fighter Set is also one of the first armor sets you encounter in the game that gives you an additional bonus(+60 health) alongside its resistances.

Resources needed for this armor are also fairly easy to obtain. You can get all of these resources fairly early and without a lot of trouble.


Other than having the right armor, a strong powerful weapon is also crucial to have to take on the bosses in Enshrouded. Dealing with higher damage means the boss fights will take less time, and this will make it much easier for you to beat the game’s bosses.

There are 2 very good early-game weapons that you can obtain in Enshrouded very easily.

Item description for Scrappy Sword and Resources needed to craft it

The first is the Scrappy Sword. You can craft this weapon using the Blacksmith, and the weapon has very good damage and durability for an early-game weapon. It is also fairly easy to craft, due to the materials needed being easy to find.

Item description for Wailing Blade and upgradeable stats

The other sword is the Wailing Blade, the first legendary weapon most players will encounter. This weapon has lower damage than the Scrappy Sword, but what makes this sword better than the Scrappy Sword is the fact that you can upgrade it.

Using the runes you get in the game, you can go to the blacksmith and add damage to the sword using the upgrades.

Item description of Wailing Blade and upgraded stats with 2 upgrades being active

With just 2 out of the 5 possible upgrades, the sword goes from level 3 to level 5. Upgrading the sword will increase its damage and level even further.


Having the right consumables will only add to the strength of your character. To craft consumables in Enshrouded, you will need to have the Alchemist unlocked.

Using the Alchemist, you can unlock various potions with different uses. There are 2 specific early-game potions that you can craft as soon as you unlock the alchemist

Item description for Health potion and resources needed to craft it

The basic Health Potion in Enshrouded will instantly restore 200 hit points. Having multiple potions in boss fights will save you from death and keep you at a good HP level.

Item description for Shroud Survival Flask and resources needed to craft it

The shroud in Enshrouded can be a bit tricky to traverse. A lot of the boss fights you will encounter will be inside the shroud. This makes having Shroud Survival Flasks very important.

These flasks will give you extra protection from the shroud by adding 2 minutes to your allowed time in the shroud. The effect of this potion lasts for 45 minutes, which is a long time.

So there you have it, an ultimate guide on how to take on bosses solo in Enshrouded. Having the right gear and items will help you take on any boss.

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