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Enshrouded: How to Farm Legendary Weapons

One little trick and you’ll be swimming in Legendaries.




Legendary Weapons are pretty much the best there is in Enshrouded, so it’s a good idea to try to farm them.

Their stats vastly surpass that of lesser rarities, but they are also incredibly rare… at least through normal means. Thankfully, there’s one little trick currently in the game that makes farming these weapons very easy!

So, if you’re eager to get your hand on as many Legendary weapons as you’ll ever need, read on!

How to Easily Farm Weapons Including Legendary

Enshrouded: How to Farm Legendary Weapons

Now, before do go into the details, we just want to let you know that what we’re about to describe might count as a bug. With the game still in Early Access, it’s likely to be patched out eventually.

But, in the meantime, let’s enjoy it while it lasts!

Chest location

So, basically what you need to do is to repeatedly open a chest close to your home base. Thankfully, there’s one hidden on a small building northeast of where you set down your first base.

The only pre-requisite, besides already having your base set up, is that you’ll need to have a Glider.

Hole in the rocks

With that said, go straight northeast from your base and you should see a split on the rocks. It’s close to the cliff overlooking an Enshrouded Forest area.

The building with the chest

Stand between the rocks and look down the cliff and you should spot a structure. Glide down towards it!

Entrance marked

Now, check the southwestern corner of the building, which should be the one closest to you as you land. You should notice a small crack you can go through, which leads to a chest.

Chest marked

Just invite yourself in and open the chest to get a random weapon of your level.

Next, the trick is to reset the chest so that you can repeat the process!

How to Reset the Chest to Farm it

Return to Main Menu

To reset the chest, just pause the game and choose “Return to the Main Menu”. Then, just load up your save again as a Private game.

You’ll be back at your home base, and the chest will have been reset. So you just have to glide down to it and loot it again!

You can do this however many times you want and will give you dozens of random weapons. This, of course, means that it can also give you Legendary weapons with ease early in the game!

It’s also worth noting that this trick actually works for every single chest in the game.

A successful Legendary item run, though not a weapon

So, if you find other easy-to-reach chests like this one, you can essentially farm them in the exact same way.

This will be especially important later on, as you get to place more Flame Altars and bases later on. Place a Flame Altar close to a chest and you will be able to farm it with ease!

Of course, this also does mean that you’ll get loads of junk loot as you keep retrying for Legendary weapons. However, junk loot can actually be extremely useful in Enshrouded!

What do I do with Surplus Weapons?

Salvage junk

So, the downside to this trick is that you will quickly fill up your inventory with loads of weapons. After all, you’re still at the mercy of randomization, so it might take a lot of tries to get Legendary loot!

Thankfully, the unnecessary surplus weapons you get are still useful thanks to Salvaging.

Right-click on the weapons you don’t want in your inventory and you’ll get the option to Salvage them. This will discard them and give you some Runes.

Runes description

You can then use these Runes to enhance other weapons at the Blacksmith, which means that nothing really goes to waste!

It also means that this farming trick is a two-for-one: you can easily get loads of Runes and you have a good chance of getting Legendary weapons.

So, now you know how to farm loads of Legendary weapons with no effort at all. As said at the start, this might get patched out eventually, so we recommend taking advantage of it while it lasts!

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