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How to Upgrade Your Weapons in Enshrouded | Weapon Stats Guide

Power up to face the Shroud.




Surviving in Enshrouded is hard, but you can thankfully upgrade your weapons and their stats to make things a little easier.

Having stronger weapons is never bad, after all! Especially with how resilient some of the Shroud enemies can be in this game.

In this guide, we tell you everything you need to know about weapons, their stats, and how to upgrade them.

How to Upgrade Your Weapons | Weapon Stats Guide


You can start to upgrade your weapons once you free the Blacksmith and assign him to your base. He’s one of the many friendly NPCs you can enlist to help you fight back against the Shroud.

When you have the Blacksmith at your base, speak with him and enter the crafting menu. The “Enhance Equipment” tab will allow you to spend Runes to upgrade your weapon.


You can get Runes through two main ways. The first is simply to kill Enshrouded enemies in areas covered with Shroud, such as the Elixir Wells.

The second is to right-click on weapons you don’t want and choose to salvage them. This will destroy the weapon and give you some Runes in compensation.

Salvaging is, by far, the best way to get Runes. This is mostly due to the fact that you can obtain a large number of weapons through certain Legendary weapon-farming methods.

So, you can try to get Legendary weapons at the same time as you get loads of Runes! Do note, though, that you can only salvage weapons. You can’t salvage items or armor.

Enhancement slots

Anyway, spending the Runes when you upgrade weapons will unlock a set of enhancements for the weapon.

You can see Enhancements on the weapon’s stats at any time, below the max durability. Ones in white text are already unlocked, while greyed-out ones with a lock are locked.

Besides obtaining enhancements, the weapon’s damage and devel will also increase with each upgrade.

The specific buffs and upgrades vary for each weapon, but the stats types are universal! So, let’s now go over these various stats.

What do weapon stats mean?

Basic stats

Every weapon has 4 main stats for you to keep in mind, as follows:

  • Damage – As its name implies, it’s how much damage the weapon can deal. It’s the raw damage number, so you usually deal less damage than state due to enemies’ defenses.
  • Level – The weapon’s level. Higher level weapons are stronger, and you should try to avoid using weapons that are lower than your character’s level.
  • Rarity – The colored text under the weapon’s icon. Rarities are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Weapons of higher rarities have more Enhancements available.
  • Max Durability – How high a weapon’s Durability is after a full repair. The higher, the better!

Of course, those are only the basic weapon stats. There’s one more type of stat to keep in mind.

A look at damage types

Damage types

Besides the basic stats, there also are damage-type stats. You can see these as various bars under the weapon’s rarity, as follows:

  • Cutting – A slashing damage type most common in swords and axes. Good against enemies that don’t have much armor.
  • Piercing – A damage type that can penetrate armor. Most common in bows and daggers.
  • Blunt – Good against armored enemies, most common in axes and hammers.
  • Poison – The weapon’s ability to inflict the Poison status effect.
  • Fire – An elemental damage type mostly found in magical items. Deals extra damage to wildlife, plants, and Shroud enemies.
  • Ice – Just like Fire, it’s an elemental damage type mostly reserved for magical weapons. Seems to be mostly good against humanoids.
  • Shroud – A special damage type that is strong against anything other than Shroud enemies.
  • Shock – Electric damage type. No enemies seem to be particularly strong or weak against it, so it’s a good all-rounder.

For now, it seems that having a weapon with multiple damage types is better than having weapons with singular damage types. However, you can’t add extra damage types through upgrading.

A fully upgraded weapon, ready to kill!

That said, most weapons do have Enhancements that upgrade the damage done by their weapon types. For example, most swords have an Enhancement that boosts Cutting.

So, there you have it, now you know everything there is to know about upgrading weapons in Enshrouded and what all of their stats mean!

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