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Best Gear to Get Early in Enshrouded

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Enshrouded gives players a lot of options when it comes to their builds and upgrades. There are 2 items though, that every player no matter their build will want.

These 2 are the Glider and the Grappling Hook. Both of these are essential to the game and without them, it’s impossible to do a lot of important things in the game. So, how do you get the Glider and Grappling Hook?

This guide will let you know all there is to know about crafting your own Glider and Grappling Hook.

Best Gear to Get Early

You can find both the Grappling Hook and the Glider fairly early on in the game. To craft both of them, you will need to first get yourself the Workbench. Using the Workbench, you can craft the gear and start using it.

To craft the gear from the Workbench, you will still need the necessary resources to do so.

Crafting the Workbench


The Workbench is one of the most basic and essential structures you will need to have in Enshrouded. It is very easy to craft, as you need just 2 resources to make it, String and Wood Logs.


Starting off with String, to get the String you will need to craft it using Plant Fibers. You can get yourself a lot of Plant Fiber through bushes you find in the game. To craft 1 String, you will need 3 pieces of Plant Fiber.

The String will also be used in crafting your Glider and Grappling Hook, so make sure to collect a good amount.

For Wood Logs, all you need to do is cut down some trees and collect the wood that drops from them. Wood is pretty much used throughout the game and can easily be harvested from any tree using a hatchet.

Crafting Your Glider


To craft the Glider from your Workbench, you will need 4 different resources.

  • Shroud Wood x8
  • Animal Fur x2
  • String x2
  • Shroud Spores x2

We already looked at how to get Strings, but what about the other 3 resources?

Shrouded Tree

For the Glider, you will need 2 resources found exclusively inside the shroud. Both of these items are pretty easy to get in the shroud though and are very common.

You can get the Shroud Wood in the same way you get regular wood, by cutting down trees. The only difference here is that the trees you cut will need to be in the shroud.

To get Shroud Spores, you will have to defeat enemies found inside the shroud. Killing enemies in the shroud will allow you to loot their bodies, which is where you can get Shroud Spores.

Sheep Loot

The other resource that you will need for the Glider is animal fur. For Animal Fur, you can hunt down various animals found in Enshrouded. Upon killing them, you can go up to their bodies and loot them to get the fur they drop.

Crafting the Grappling Hook

Grappling Hook

Crafting the Grappling Hook on the Workbench will require you to have 3 resources

  • Metal Scraps x4
  • String x7
  • Shroud Spores x10

The only unique resource you need for the Grappling Hook which wasn’t used in the other 2 recipes is the Metal Scraps.

There are 2 ways in which you can get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded.

Loot supplies

The first way is by breaking various items you can find lying around that might have metal on them. For example, in the image above the metal scraps you can see were obtained by breaking open a pot with metal in it.

Eventually, if you break enough of these pots, you will end up with a good amount of metal scraps.

Finding Metal Scraps

The second way to get metal scraps is through defeating enemies you find in Enshrouded. This way is much more effective, as enemies like bandits are far more likely to drop metal scraps.

You can farm a lot of metal scraps from bandit camps or bases found in the game.

Using Your Crafted Gear


The Grappling Hook and the Glider are both very important to have early on because they allow you to do a lot of things.

There are certain areas and places in Enshrouded that can not be accessed without a grappling hook. Using the grappling hook will allow you to cover a lot of distance and get to tricky places.

The glider allows you to fly in Enshrouded. More precisely, it allows you to glide through the air, which isn’t exactly flying but it is still a lot of fun. Other than that, the glider is also the best way for you to travel long distances in Enshrouded.

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