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Enshrouded: Where to Find Copper & Craft the Smelter

Hunt for the cooper ores to get the smelter, and finally get the ingots you need!




where to find cooper and smelter enshrouded

Enshrouded is a survival RPG where you must build and fight for everything, and knowing where to find Cooper or how to get a Smelter is key in this game.

Finding resources in any survival game is challenging, and this game can be a nightmare if you begin it in the dark. A smelter and cooper are some of the most important items you can build and have because they are necessary for crafting weapons.

Where to Find Copper & Craft the Smelter

If you are a seasoned gamer, you know that in any survival game where you need to build structures and craft your weapons, Cooper is one of the most important ores.

In Enshrouded, you can find it in a lot of places, but one quest will send you right to the biggest source in the game. You must craft a few stone pickaxes or scraps pickaxes to mine it.

Where to Find Cooper Ore?

There are a few places where you can find Cooper. You must unlock the Ancient Spires so you can pinpoint the places mentioned here more easily.

Near the Springlands Ancient Spire, there are a few locations you can reach by running and gliding.

For the first one, you must glide past Ferndale, run to the Ancient Vault—Farmer, past the Withered Encampment, and reach the Fast Travel Point. From here, go east until you find your first Cooper mining spot.

Copper Map Location

From the first point, you must keep going east until you find the cave passage. All the cave surroundings have Cooper mining spots. Be careful if you go inside the cave; there are some strong enemies inside.

Second Copper Map Location

The second-largest spot you could find early in the game is easier to reach. Unlock and fast-travel to the Low Meadow’s Ancient Spire.

Glide northeast from here and run in this direction until you reach a huge limestone mountain. You can find Cooper in the middle-top section of the mountain.

Quest-related locations

There are two places where you can find Cooper that are tied to a quest; one is near the Revelwood Spire in the Revelwood area, but there isn’t as much as the next one.

The Mark of Sameth is a place of interest for the Crucible and the biggest Cooper Ore source in the game. Here you will find everything you need to build a smelter, plus a few extra goodies.

The scavengers and enemies in this area are around level 13 and higher, and you can find the strongest ones inside the mine.

This means that you will need to prepare yourself before going to this place or grind a few levels. You could get high-level gear and weapons, but you might die several times before actually reaching the place.

How to Get the Smelter?

First, you need to talk to Oswald Anders, the Blacksmith; he will give you the Crucible quest. As we mentioned, this quest will send you to the mine, where you can find this special item.

Once you are in The Mark of Sameth, you need to reach the main room on the path to the left, after the entrance. Here you will find a lore book called “We Have Dug Too Far.” Behind it, there’s a pile of rubble, and behind the rubble, there’s the Crucible.

To complete the quest, you need to build the Smelter, and to do this, you must get some clay to craft fire bricks.

After you can find the smelter and finalize the quest, you can make better weapons and tools to just keep growing in the game. These basic materials can last a long time, and it’s better not to miss any of them, especially early in the game.

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