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Elex 2: Thunder Barrel Legendary Weapon Location

Take up the arms as you barrel through monsters and mecha alike in this Sci-Fi, Open world RPG.




A sequel to Elex, the game sees you going through the world of Magalan as you jump into the shoes of Jax once more.  This time, the threat against the world comes in the form of invaders from the Skylands who want to change the world as you know it.  It’s up to you to use your resources, skills, and prowess to save the land.

Alongside your skill, you would need amazing weapons to power your liberation process.  There are a lot of Legendary weapons that pepper the world and one of them is the Thunder Barrel which you’ll come across in your exploits across the land.

Thunder Barrel Legendary Weapon Location

The Thunder Barrel is a desirable option for those who want a good weapon that looks robust and solid with firepower to come along with it.  It takes Slugthrower Ammunition and Requires 77 Dexterity and 76 Strength. 

While this particular Weapon isn’t hard to find, it will take a bit of manpower to get to.  Journey across the southern part of the map towards a reaver encampment.  There should be a dome to the furthest right. 

Take out all the reavers inside this dome and you will find the Thunder Barrel seated on a shelf behind a bed in one of the structures up against the walls.  The game will then prompt you to take it and you would then be able to walk away with your prize.

As the description aptly suggests, you can now use this weapon loud and dirty, just the way the Outlaws like it!

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