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Elex 2: Reapers Trucks Safe Code | Near Hanger Ruins

Every location in Elex 2 has some hidden safes that you can unlock. Check this guide out to learn more.




Safes in Elex 2 are unlockables that can potentially contain rewards. They are spread on the vast land of Magallan and are hidden in inconspicuous areas of your location. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock the safe in Reapers Trucks—near Hanger Ruins.

Reapers Trucks Safe Code | Near Hanger Ruins – Elex 2

Reapers Trucks Safe Code | Near Hanger Ruins – Elex 2

Reapers Trucks is a home of a few old and rusting trucks. It also contains scraps such as empty air tanks and some oil barrels. There are also cryptic documents lying around the area.

Upon arriving, you’ll see a wooden torch hanging on a makeshift garage. Beside it, you will find the safe behind a pile of old crates and metal barrels. To unlock, press the square button and enter 2847.

That’s all you need to know about the safe code in Reapers Trucks. Don’t forget to mine Elex veins on boulders near other rocks. Also, search for hidden treasures and other unlockables on hidden parts of the area. Have fun playing!

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