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Elex 2: Hanger Ruins Safe Code

Having trouble unlocking a safe in Hanger Ruins? Read this guide to learn more.




Hanger Ruins is a location in Elex 2 that’s full of crates, scraps, and hidden collectibles. You can also find safes in the area; this guide will show you where the safe is in Hanger Ruins, and how to unlock it.

Elex 2: Hanger Ruins Safe Code

Hanger Ruins Safe Code – Elex 2

  • First, climb the staircase in the middle of two lit, rusty barrels. You’ll also be met with a pile of metal sheets along with wood scraps.
  • Then, head east—to a makeshift storage house. You’ll find the safe beside other locked crates that are stacked on each other.
  • On the middle of two crates, you’ll find the safe. Press square and enter the code 7153 to unlock.
  • After unlocking, you’ll receive a Goblet (2x), Grenade (4x), Small white gemstone (1x), and Damaged Savior (1x).
  • All listed items above will be stored to your inventory.

That’s all you need to know about unlocking the safe in Hanger Ruins. This location contains one of the few safes that contain hefty rewards. Remember to search hidden areas for other collectibles and items to unlock. Have fun playing!

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