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Dead by Daylight: Which Survivors to Unlock First

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer (4vs1) horror and action game in which a ruthless Killer seeks to kill four survivors. So what survivors have the best perks to unlock?




There are a lot of essential perks to unlock as a beginner; here are a few. This list is solely centered on perks; it will assist you in obtaining all of the desirable perks initially, allowing you to obtain all of them while leveling up more survivors in the future.

Important Survivors to Unlock First – Dead by Daylight

There are a host of characters in the game with great qualities. However, these are the best to start the game with as a survivor if you want to last longer than most.

Jill Valentine

She has a resurgence, which makes you 50% healed every time you get unhooked, which is great for getting a quick heal after getting hooked.

She also has counterforce, which allows you to see the aura of another totem on the opposite side of the map from you when cleansing a totem, and it also makes totem cleansing faster.

Detective Tapp

Detective Tapp has one of the most underrated perks in the entire game,Detective’s Hunch. This activates whenever a generator is completed and displays the auras of almost everything on the map for a set period. It is handy for locating totems, gens, chests, and almost anything else.

Kate Denson

She is one of the free/ unlicensed survivors in the game. She has one of the most underrated perks for beginners called the Windows of Opportunity. This shows you the auras of windows and pallets around the map, and you need to get early because it teaches you where windows and pallets are in each loop.  

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