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Crusader Kings 3: How To Declare War On Desmond

Ready to go to war on Desmond in Crusader Kings 3? Check this guide out to learn more!

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For you to survive and gain more resources in the game, war is inevitable. You’ll first need to take note of different factors in-game before commencing a war. Here’s everything you need to know about declaring war on Desmond.

How To Declare A War On Desmond – Crusader Kings 3

The land of Desmond or the Earldom of Desmondis located in the southernmost part of Ireland. Waging a war right away is not an ideal move when invading territories. You’ll need to start with the following:

Casus Belli

To declare a war, you’ll need to use a Casus Belli. It is a justification or cause for war—it may depend on your target, claims, or innovations you have. In this case, you’ll be targeting Desmond; you’ll need to first see who’s their leader and who will get involved in the war.

A common way to start an invasion is to push for claims on a county in Desmond; as a result, you’ll gain control over a county if you manage to win your claim. Claims will cost you in the form of prestige.

Declaration of War

With your Casus Belli ready, you’ll be a step close to declaring war on Desmond. In the beginning, it’s safe to scout the land first—check their diplomacy, resources, and the strength of your army versus theirs. These are factors that can help you to create an idea or strategy for approaching the war.

With all those things in mind, you’ll be finally ready to declare war against Desmond or any other land you wish to conquer. To start a war, click on the leader of Desmond and click Declare War. Then, choose your Casus Belli and again click Declare War at the bottom.

After a war has successfully begun, a banner at the top will show up displaying “War Declared” along with the images of the leaders involved. To see the war progress, just check on the warscore at the bottom of the screen.

A warscore of +30 will enable you to push for a White peace or a draw. At +100, you’ll be able to Enforce Demands on the land. However, if you’ll end up on the losing side of the war (negative warscore), the reverse will happen.

Spoils of War

After a war, there are always winners and losers. Upon winning, you’ll successfully get resources, stated claims on your Casus Belli, and a truce on both kingdoms. Prestige is also going to be distributed to the allies of the winner.

That’s all you need to know about declaring war on Desmond in Crusader Kings 3. Remember to look for factors such as army composition and your ability to gain mercenaries as this could easily turn the tides in your favor. Enjoy playing!

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