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Crusader Kings 3: How To Feudalize

In Feudalism you can reform tribal holdings by investing in them— but how do you exactly do it?

Jed Gaspang



Tribe holdings typically can be upgraded to palisades, war camps, gathering halls, and markets. If you’re moving from a tribal government to a feudal one, you’ll have an option to pay and convertall tribal holdings in your land to feudal. This guide will show you how you can feudalize holdings.

How To Feudalize – Crusader Kings 3

For instance, you’re moving to a non-tribal government, and you have some established tribal holdings in your counties; tribal holdings will neither give you taxes nor levies as it’s only useful for the tribal government. It should therefore be reformed to a feudal one.

Feudalizing a holding will let you invest a hefty 500 gold to turn it into a castle Barony. To do this, just click on your Tribe Holding and click the circle icon that has a castle in it.

Not only it will destroy all buildings inside the holding, but it would also be permanently changed into a castle. It can be also run by anyone.

That’s how you can feudalize your holdings in Crusader Kings 3. Although it’s an available option for non-tribal users, it takes up huge amounts of gold to do. Just keep that in mind. Have fun playing!

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