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CROWZ: Fix Fatal Error, Crashing, Black Screen & Infinite Loading

CROWZ is a massive multiplayer PvP game where you complete missions with your squad. Some players however had problems in-game. Check out this guide to solve these issues.

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CROWZ is an up-and-coming multiplayer game with lots of action and is free to play. You’re hired as a soldier, called CROW, to be working for powerful nations. This guide will tell you all you need to know about fixing most of the in-game issues in CROWZ.

Fix Fatal Error, Crashing, Black Screen & Infinite Loading – CROWZ

Massive multiplayer games have had their bugs and issues in the past, especially when in beta stages. This includes CROWZ, where you’ll experience problems such as fatal error, game crashing, black screen, and infinite loading. Here are some possible solutions to those problems.

Verify your in-game files

This step is necessary to check your files for any corrupted data. To do this, just go to your Steam Library, right-click andchoose Local Files>Verify Integrity of Game Files. The duration of this step will depend on the size of the game and your PC’s specifications.

Server Maintenance

In this situation, you might not get into the game or find a match due to server maintenance. You won’t have another option but to wait until the game’s servers are back. Make sure to check the game’s social media pages for further server updates.

Restart the game

This trick worked for some who had problems with loading the game or matchmaking. Restarting the game downloads any necessary fixes for bugs that are probably causing your in-game problems.

Reinstall CROWZ

This might be the last option but would solve most of the problems in-game. A fresh install will ease your worries about corrupted files and new updates will be included once fully downloaded.

After checking for minimum specifications and your network connection, you can try these possible fixes on your in-game issues on CROWZ. If your problem persists, do contact the developers as this is still in beta.

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