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Core Keeper: Equipment Craft Guide

Equipment will play a key role in your Core Keeper adventure, so here’s everything you’ll need to know about it.




Like in many other sandbox games focused on crafting, Core Keeper features a lot of different equipment pieces that can help you during your travels. As these are obtained through a variety of means and each has a different effect, it might be helpful to gather some information on them, before jumping into the game.

Equipment in Core Keeper

There are a few ways we can categorize equipment pieces in Core Keeper. In general, there are two main types of equipment: Necklaces and Rings, with a few extra items that have their own equipment slots.

More importantly, there are two ways to get equipment pieces – by finding them in the game world or crafting them from materials. So, let’s split items into those that can be crafted and those that can be found. Note that some can be obtained from both sources, so a few might overlap.

Craftable Equipment in Core Keeper


Equipment Name                           Effect                                  Recipe

Glow Tulip Ring                +3 glow 10 Glow tulip                     10 Iron bar         

Gold Crystal Ring              +17 range damage                          17 gold bar

Swift Ring                           +6% movement speed                   20 Iron bar, 6 Ancient gemstone


Equipment Name                                          Effect                                  Recipe

Copper cross necklace                   +5% critical hit chance                   20 Copper bar

Iron Chunk Necklace                      +10 armor                                         20 Iron bar

Gold Crystal Necklace                    +7% melee/range damage           22 Gold bar

Extra Equipment Pieces:

Equipment Name                           Effect                                  Recipe

Lantern                               +2 glow                                              5 Copper bar, 5 Slime

Equipment Pieces Found on the Map


Equipment Name                           Effect                                  How to Get It

Ring of Stone                     +33 mining damage                        Mining Dirt

Larva ring                           +18 max health                 Larva hide chest/Dropped by Ghorm

Ring of Rock                      +12 armor                                         Mining Rock      

Clot ring                              +4 Life on melee hit                       Enemies Drop

Melting crystal ring         +9% dodge chance                         Dropped by Glurch


Equipment Name                                          Effect                                  How to Get It

Copper cross necklace                   +5% critical hit chance                   pot drop

Iron Chunk Necklace                      +10 armor                                         Sold by the Merchant

Grub Egg Necklace                         +18 melee damage                         Larva hide chest/Enemies Drop

Heart Berry Necklace                     +1 health every sec                        Diggin X              

Blob Rosary Necklace                    +15 max health                                Glurch drop

Extra Equipment Pieces:

Equipment Name                           Effect                                  How to Get It

Cave pouch                        +3 inventory slots                           Pot drop

Ghorm’s stomach bag    +6 inventory slots                           100% Ghorm drop

Equipment Sets

Having some items equipped at the same time will give you set bonuses. Currently, there are three pairs of items that do that. They are:

Ring of Rock and Ring of Stone – gives +42 mining damage.

Blob Rosary Necklace and Melting crystal ring – gives +15% range damage.

Grub Egg Necklace and Larva ring – You become immune to being slowed by slime.

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