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Core Keeper: How to Craft a Pickaxe

Being that Core Keeper sells itself as mining sandbox, a pickaxe is an absolutely mandatory tool in the game. But how exactly do you get one?




Given that the game doesn’t give too many instructions from the get go, at least in its current state, players might not easily understand just how to obtain a pickaxe. But this guide will help you craft your first pickaxe.

How to Craft a Pickaxe in Core Keeper

Crafting a pickaxe is not really a very daunting task in this game, and you can do so pretty early. First off, you’ll need to find some wood, which you can harvest by hitting it.

Now, it’s recommended to first craft some torches, which can be crafted in sets of 3 for every 1 piece of wood, but the wood pickaxe can be crafted for a mere 4 pieces of wood from the crafting menu. It really is as simple as that.

Of course, a wood pickaxe is hardly going to carry you for long, as it’s very slow and has rather low durability, so you might be wondering how to craft better pickaxes such as a copper pickaxe.

For that, you’ll have to obtain copper bars by smelting copper ore at a furnace, which you can then use at a crafting table to craft a copper pickaxe using 4 wood and 2 copper bars. You’ll also be able to craft other tools such as a sword you can use to defend yourself from monsters, but the pickaxe should be your priority as it can greatly speed up your mining.

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