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Chronicon: Leveling Guide

Power up your alts with this easy, Chronicon leveling guide!

Iris Ruiz



Chronicon offers a lot of replayability for most fans of the dungeon-crawler genre. With most of us having a good time slaying monsters and upgrading our wares, just one character on a single build isn’t enough. Luckly, Chronicon offers alternative characters that you can use and level up as you go.

While there isn’t a set way to finish the campaign for Chronicon, you’ll be rewarded by easy alt-leveling once you do. This guide covers the fastest way of leveling for your other alts as you progress through the newly-unlocked dungeons after clearing the game once.

Leveling Guide – Chronicon

After getting a character to endgame, Tinka’s Domain will unlock for you and your succeeding characters which you can utilize to get stronger faster. We suggest getting the Chronicle of Knowledgeaccessory attached to a rune so you can put it on your alt’s starting accessory at the very beginning.

This alone will get you a huge XP boost as you go along, but that’s half of the battle. The other half is how to efficiently kill mobs to get the rest of the XP you’ll need. We would suggest sticking your first skill point to an AOE or a ranged skill. Choose which ones are the best for you, better to test run it as you can reset your skills with Korem anytime.

Ignore the side areas and go through the main story, rinse and repeat as you increase your difficulty level for better loot. There’s no right or wrong way to tackle leveling as it’s the same for each difficulty level. Use your judgment on when to advance to the next difficulty for a more efficient leveling experience.

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