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Chronicon: How To Unlock Room Of Abundance

Dungeon crawl in style, and with a bit of monster slaying at the side!

Iris Ruiz



Chronicon is a fast-paced dungeon crawler that will see you through various areas with secrets and loot to discover. While we are not new to these types of games, the premise for this adventure from Subworld is enough to get our hearts racing.

Exploring the worlds made available by the device of the same name as the title, you venture forth to discover the lives of the heroes told in its depths. One of those areas would be the Room of Abundance.

Here’s a guide on how to unlock the achievement for this area.

How To Unlock Room Of Abundance – Chronicon

To unlock this achievement, you would need to find some switches scattered around the different parts of the area. There should be three in total and one switch for each area. Set your dungeon crawling rush in place because there’s no way you can miss them if you explore.

Finding the switches isn’t that hard. You only need to go through all the rooms available. Don’t skip any room and you should have no problems finding all of them. While you’re at it, make sure to kill all the enemies you encounter for loot and XP!

Live out the tales of fallen heroes and enjoy your dungeon crawl!

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World Of Warcraft: Creektooth Den Quest Guide

Creektooth Den resides the miniboss “Root of Decay”





The Creektooth Den Quests are one of the many quests you encounter in World of Warcraft. The Creektooth questline is a series of quest that requires you to kill certain monsters and collect certain items. This guide will help you accomplish these quests. Let’s dive in.

What is the Creektooth Den Questline?

They are a series of 5 quests that make up the questline. They are By Royal Decree, Rat Rancher, Keys to the Kingdom, Making a Mountain out of a Gnoll Hill, and One Bad Apple.

Let’s go through them each one to give you a better view of what to do.

By Royal Decree

Accomplishing this quest requires you to kill 8 Brackenhide Warriors and 4 Brackenhid shamans in Creektooth Den. It is found in the Azure Span. It is one of the Subzones of the Azure Span.

Rat Rancher

You need to collect 20 Smelly Ooze from the decaying rot. This requires you to kill Errant rots and collect their decaying rot.

Keys to the Kingdom

This quest requires you to collect the key and Gnoll “Lances” and use it to open the weapon cache. This portion is easy because all you need to do is go to this location and retrieve the key.

The Gnoll “Lances” can be found in one of the barrels in the location below. It’s surrounded by enemy creatures so prepare for a fight to retrieve this item.

Making a Mountain out of a Gnoll Hill

This portion requires you to hop on a slime to destroy 3 decay totems. The totems are easily identifiable. The challenge of the quest is that they are surrounded by Errant Rot.

So this quest requires you to fight against them, to destroy the decay totems.

One Bad Apple

Finally, the final quest of the series is to kill the Root of Decay. First, open the 2 cages and kill the inhabitants then consult the third cage.

Next, pull the vine and prepare for battle because this will spawn the Root of Decay. All you need to do next is to make sure you defeat the Root of decay to wrap up the questline.

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