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Chronicon: How to Assign Skills

As you’ll develop your characters, you’re bound to learn a lot of useful skills, but Chronicon doesn’t exactly tell you how you can use them.




Like in most ARPG’s, character progression plays a huge role in Chronicon. As you’ll get stronger, your character will learn more skills. Some of those are passive and don’t really need much attention, but there are also active skills, which you will need to assign manually.

How to Assign Skills in Chronicon

You can assign your skills using the options menu. Open it and bind the keys you want with the corresponding skill slots. You can bind more than one skill to one key, which allows for some deadly combinations for you to experiment with. You can also press the right mouse button on the skill you want to bind and choose a key to assign it to.

However, doing it this way will automatically unbind any other skill that was already bound to the key, meaning if you want to have one key responsible for more skills, you’ll need to use the controls menu.

Limited Skill Slots

Though the game relies heavily on character customization, keep in mind that there is a limit to how many skills can you use at a time. This is a conscious choice by the developers, to force the players to make better choices when it comes to character progression.

For this reason, there are currently no plans to add more skill slots to the game. You might want to keep your characters simple, only choosing 1-2 active skills and a few buffs.

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